No risk fixed income with (Government bonds) investment – By Trading Chanakya 🔥🔥🔥

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Hello, friends, today video concept is No risk fixed income with (Government bonds) investment.


Ishak Khan says:

thank you sir

Padmaja Construction Infrastructure says:

Can we get recurring interest every month on the principal amount????

rahul kulkarni says:

Senior citizens Ko kya jyada interest milta hai, ya fir same to all

Subhamoy Khatua says:

Thank you so much brother

Naushad Ahmad says:

अनमोल भाई जो कंपनियां डिलिस्ट होती हैं उनके प्रमोटर का फंड का क्या होता है

Ankit Agrahari says:

Bhai upstox me kaise le sakte h btao na please sub ke pass zorodha ka account nahi rahata h

Ishwar Mandal says:

Compound interest milta hai Kya long term pe

gokul adhikary says:

Sir. Thanks a lot. Can i trade bonds as etf i;e sbin-n5

Alkesh Rathod says:

Boss superb. Ye muje pata nahi tha.apne bataya thanks

Kunal Pal Shukla says:

V nice video Sir. Thanks for sharing. How to connect with you Sir.

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