Node Investor Live! (6/10/18) Market Sell Off! Where to Next?

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Bitcoin slices right through support levels and is now testing a key price zone. My thoughts on where we could go next and what to look for.


Elijah Whitehead says:

It’s really simple as to why the market is going down Wall Street wants to get involved, and they want to buy from much lower prices. Wall Street doesn’t make money by propping up assets for retail investors like us. They make money by taking money from retail investors.

So my advice is to trade the market both long and short or just hodl. But trust me when I tell the real bull market is coming and that’s Wall Street don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Russell Gibson says:

There must be complete and total capitulation by the retail investor before the institutional investors will start putting in sizeable investments and start the next bull market.

Project Crypto says:

Great video, as always, Node!

Bizul says:

I don't understand why many are hanging their hopes with bitcoin… it's slow and it's outdated. Bitcoin lost a huge portion of its market share to altcoins. I feel that privacy cryptos will take over eventually being anti-FUD and anti-regulations. Dash reached $1500 ATH and Zcash reached $800 so you know that the privacy market is a strong one. I believe only privacy cryptos with Tor are going to be relevant in the future like DeepOnion, StealthCoin and SpectreCoin.

The_Crypto_God says:

Multiple exchanges are being investigated after being accused of contributing to market manipulation. There is also some South Korea FUD circulating.

Rkky says:

Don't blame McAfee. He's on alot of blow. Must of sneezed on the algo.

Tage S says:

Is this good news longterm?

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

Fake break out reversal


thousands of bitcoin left wallet #6 a few days back …..asian whale

jibk says:

this market is more poker than TA

Neuro Pulse says:

You probably know this by now but the Korean exchange Coinrail was hacked. Likely the cause of the sell off.

Jo L says:


John Hill says:

Btc 1.99 by December

W LYFO says:

They wanted to tame the the cryptosphere and they do what they want. All the recent warrants or whatever, all the punitive documents laid on dozens & dozens of communities. So partly govt' attack. Lowers expectations, delays progress. All the big deals are made off market. Controlling the animal spirits.

Vention1MGTOW says:

If the manipulators want my btc, they'll have to pry them out of my cold dead hands. I typically buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin each paycheck, usually 2k each month.

MichihiroHonda says:

Veritaseum is up only because Bix Weir is endlessly pumping the shit out of this centralized shitcoin.

Crypto Spin says:

Its following elliot wave theory, no news was needed because the dump was expected, it was wave 5 of a large C wave. The move that everyone was interpreting as a bull move was actually a bear flag and in terms of EW theory it was wave 4. So we are now either done with wave 5 or very near done. This means its likely to start going up, the market is scared so I agree there may be a bear trap but imo we are headed up. the bull run can begin now, fomo around the 6th monthly pattern expecting the bull run was premature. I think we will head up and then break through the downward triangle resistance line. happy trading gang!

MrHarrilasagna says:

Thanks brother. Just catching up now.

Jhune Gasmena says:

What do u think about BTC

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