$NQ Futures July 10th Trade Review

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Fresh Fruits says:

Hi , pls how i can move the candle left. Because is close to the chart and the price ? Thanks

Jason Russell says:

Another thing. Get off those BS 1 min, 5 min, second charts. Watch 4 hr, 1hr and daily. Play with the big money if you want to make real money.

Jason Russell says:

My success in trading the Nasdaq futures is all about being a contrarian. I almost always fade the action. You need to scale in and out to do this. I do trade trends when there is order flow. I have been trading the NQ since 2013. It's a wild market and quite profitable once you understand it. Reading the order flow is crucial to understand who is in charge.

Kyle JF says:

Another decent day if trading, good efforts and have a great weekend 👍🏼

BigB says:

every tried or thought of using DAS trader for IB inputs?

Samin Rushil says:

Hey verillo, i noticed you use trailing stops. I trade in the same manner as you in the sense i look for retests and trades off of major support and resistance areas. I was wondering what do you think about limit orders for taking profits along the way instead of using trailing stops?

KT says:

Hey bro, how do you put order with auto profit taker and stop loss? Also, do you enter with market price or bid or limit price? Thanks for the answers

Vlad Stolyarov says:

I noticed bank up too good catch early morning for bias on market

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