Nutchin’ – Rob Hoffman – FULL ALBUM

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Track 1 – 0:00 – Cast Your Stone
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals / Jay Brunner Resonator Guitar / Willie Eger Violin

Track 2 – 2:43 – It’s Only Rain
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals / Jerry Hughes Piano | Organ / Willie Eger Violin

Track 3 – 6:18 – Tripped On Every Stone
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals / Brad Angelini Bass

Track 4 – 8:50 – In Ways That I Never Knew
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals / Willie Eger Violin

Track 5 – 12:06 – Moonbeams
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Mandolin | Vocals

Track 6 – 15:16 – Bartender I’ll Have Another
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Mandolin | Vocals

Track 7 – 18:44 – A Better Hand
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals

Track 8 – 21:49 – I’d Walk A Thousand Miles
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals

Track 9 – 23:48 – Jesus Don’t Speak To Me No More
R. Hoffman Acoustic | Vocals

This album is dedicated to Timmy “TJ Nutchin'” Nunamaker who’s inspiration and companionship helped to set me off on my musical journey.

TJ spent many an evening in the old basement on Wilbraham Rd. as I began strumming the old Peavey T-60 in the late 70’s. Open to critique always to encourage he pushed me for the better. I practiced more and he was usually the first person in the outside world that I’d turn my new tunes onto. He dug it and I, in turn, dug that he dug it. 🙂 It was an inspiring time for me.

This album is an acoustic album and purposely so. It felt just as it did so long ago strumming in the basement with Nutchin’.

Share it with your friends, maybe post your favorite TJ story in the comments. You know that he would have loved that.

Copy the YouTube link in the address bar. Go to this website and paste the link in the box. Press the “Convert To” button and once the meter stops simply press the “Download” button. A popup window advertisement may popup but simply close the popup window and hit the “Save As” button. You will then have downloaded the entire album onto your computer for your own personal use.

All songs written and copyright Robert H. Hoffman / Avalon Park Publishing BMI 2015 and intended for noncommercial use only. Any other use is prohibited by law.


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Very nice Rob

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me like much…

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NIce job Rob!

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