October 24th 2008 CNBC Stock Market Opening Bell (Stock Futures Hit Limit Down)

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10/24/2008 – CNBC Stock Market Opening Bell (Stock Futures Hit Limit Down).


Mongolian Kids Cartoons says:

That AAAA @ 3:48 lol has it been 10 years since I lost everything leveraging futures?

Joshua Anderson says:

The love button.

Storm Williams says:

This is historic

Osman Musa says:

She has cute face and nose. I wanna grab her. Mess with her. Do more with her.

Mike Fani says:

I love ❤️ I hope 🤞 will see that again

XFX Trader says:

CNBC audio fx are amazing

MufflePuff says:

(sigh) wish I had $100,000 to invest that year… I was 19 years old. $100k invested in Amazon then would be worth $3.4m today… I'm savings up for the next crash…

mahnamahnadodoobedodo says:

There is no civil war in Syria. It is a U.S.-NATO/SAUDI/ISRAELI armed and financed mercenary army that attacked Syria in violation of international law. These leaders of countries and other sinister people who are involved are war criminals and evil.

Darrel Pinkston says:

We're at this point again audit the Fed

Bruce Skinner says:

A tremendous "snap back"???? How about 8 years before stabilization…not quite a snap-back!! You ride it out asshole!!

Bruce Skinner says:

Thank you Wall Street and all of the GREED that was supposed to be GOOD!!??!! Look at this…less than 4 1/2 minutes and the market is down 436 points!!??**!!

EasyPeasy says:

I miss the pre-social media era.. these were the last years before everything just exploded

Richard Anderson says:

Remember this moment in about 12-18 months.

Lisa Anne Nicolai says:

As all the limbs are cut off…

Its Me Booch says:

10:00 "the rally will be talked about for generations to come." how about that for a prediction! Dow at 27000!

P Bortoli says:

Jesus hindsight is a wonderful thing right. Those stock prices are making me dribble lol

flipflopsneeded says:

They were wrong 🙁

Ara Yaghsizian says:

Apple was $91/7= $13. MU was $3. Ford was $1.80. EBay was $14 and you would have gotten free shares of PayPal a couple years later. WOOOOW!!!

Alex Kostoff says:

Looks like bitcoin right now! Wow. Im going to buy bitcoin now!!

Jeremy Conley says:

Apple at less than $100 and declining: where's a time machine when you need one?

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