October Stock Market Crash? Mystery Investor Just Bet $262 Million On Such An Event

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One mystery trader has made an extremely large bet that the stock market is going to crash by October, and if he is right he could potentially make up to 262 million dollars on the deal. Fortunes were made and lost during the great financial crisis of 2008, and the same thing will happen again the next time we see a major stock market crash. But will that stock market crash take place before 2017 is over? Without a doubt, we are in the midst of one of the largest stock market bubbles in U.S. history, and many prominent investors are loudly warning of an imminent stock market collapse. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this stock market bubble is going to end very badly just like all of the other stock market bubbles throughout history have, but if you could know the precise timing that it will end you could set yourself up financially for the rest of your life.

I want to be very clear about the fact that I do not know what will or will not happen by the end of October. But one mystery investor is extremely convinced that market volatility is going to increase over the next few months, and if he is correct he will make an astounding amount of money. According to BI, the following is how the trade was set up…

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Erick M:




Frank Lee says:

This trader is trading in volatility.
VIX,thats not a stock. Dobbs Again, you are in are over your head kid.

ty davis says:

October surprise…again? The last 7 never happened.

Ironcity Outfitters says:

the markets always has been and always will be rigged, lol

KingNosser says:

2008 issue wasn't handled correctly they merely pumped the markets and inflated the bubble further and when it pop's it'll be the largest crash in history, I guess people plain forgot about that missing 2 trillion off the black budget oh that's right the twin towers and building 7 had all the documents related to anything to do with their dodgy deaalings.

They really do think people are asleep but it doesn't take much to wake someone up, 911 isn't forgotten not by a long way it's not like we didnt know they were crooked even before that happened.

Oh and the pentagon strange how the most secure place in the whole planet just happens to have it's accounting department wiped out by they say a plane, but it wasn't a plane it was a missle there is no way a plane could crash of that size and not take down the lamp posts in front of the impact hole, they must think were blind.

Ruth Cormack says:

when the crash comes it AIN'T going to be Craptocurencies that take over 'cos not everyone can use that. There will be economies that escape (the Somali AShilling for example) so maybe one of the surviving currencies of a developed nation? We still have to get thru the Aug 21 total eclipse and the Sep 23rd prophecy yet so everything is on the table.

Twin river says:

Mystery trader??Hahaha g a

Barry Gumm says:

Yeap – crypto-currencies- Abomination – Crypto comes from Greek word Kyptos – Means to be "kept secret" or hidden" = Number of his name buy and sell = that's why God said in Rev 13 v18 his number is 666. God had to warn us – because the dark side will keep it hidden – Bit like Kyptonite – hidden in lead box – Crypto ledger = value of nothing – DEATH – Hidden – in Goldman Sachs- "SETLock" Encryption patented – Currency to come out soon. "Number of His Name" – Use it – crypto currency when it is compulsory – Death is at your door! The Bible says so! Rev 13v16-18 WARNING

F U says:

Same shit went down on 9/11 also.

Dexter Dew says:

brilliant video! I bet there will be people who still doubt what you just said and ppl who won't believe it, you put the word out and that's all that God asks. Ezekiel 2!!!!


Israel did 9/11

Captain America says:

It's all a scam.

Ryan M says:

To be clear, they did not invest 262 million. They bet against SPY via selling VIX puts to buy VIX calls, if and only if the VIX touches 25 but goes no higher well before the contracts expiration will they make 262 million. Chances are the payout will not be that large. If they get paid at all. Those calls could expire worthless leaving them responsible for covering the puts they sold in the first place .The VIX has been below 10 for the past 9 trading days- That is a record. Volatility is dead due to Central banks flooding the economy. A large spike in volatility right now would barely get VIX above 15. It would almost take a Black swan event to get VIX to 25 at this point.

Elinars says:


Dave Smith says:

Stock up on 90 days food and water supply for family and friends. Stock up on meds, vitamins, bandages, guns, bullets, gas mask, short wave radio, radiation meds, junk silver and have a basement. Tell all your friends and neighbors and co workers to do the same.

Black Cunningham says:

Spend all of your money now, material goods are better than paper money.

Jennifer Means says:

So, if this mystery investor is correct and the market crashes and he makes $262 million, will it still be worth $262 million? (Please excuse me if this is a stupid question. I really don't understand the stock market.)

Roman says:

It's pretty clear that their gearing up for one

baytown crippler says:

Germany is printing Deutsche marks. Merkel to be asked to resign. Germany to leave EU

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