Of Course Government Bonds Are Safe – Peak Beneath the Skin of the Markets

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We are told that governments bonds are the “Flight to Safety” trade. But are they as safe as they want everyone to believe? Not according to the Bank of Canada. This month the Venezuelan government and PDVSA, Venezuela’s oil company and the main source of revenues for the government, have both been declared in default on their debt. My bet is that this is just the start of a much bigger Sovereign debt default trend and the Bank of Canada seems to agree.

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K P Tang says:

Lol you can buy $10 in Bitcoin if you want it's divisible unlike Gold.

Typisch Jurriaan says:

like steve lewis says, but what I would like to ad is : Lynette why talk such a nonsense it takes away al your credibility on everything. You must understand that. I do like your video' s , but why bashing without "clearly" knowledge about BTC

chris christou says:

As always, very informative, keep up the great work.

netslave says:

i am now at the point where i just like the video before i even watch it. thanks lynette

V T says:

Go Back ?? Stay UP !!
Bad !! WTF was @ the Helm

Miss Smith says:

I learn so much from this amazing lady thank you 😊

Jas L Land says:

Thank you, Lynette. One of the few voices I trust anymore.

Jas L Land says:

Central banks lend money to gain power over people, businesses and governments. There is no risk for them as they create the money on a computer in the back room. Counterfeiting if you will. Those receiving the loans become the debt slaves of the lenders……..and the lenders never really had the money to start with….its all a huge scam. The wealth of the people is being plundered by these pirates.

Lynn Roberts says:

Your the best Lynette..

Terri says:

Another awesome video!!!!

edward leroy says:

So no one but the Foxes are watching the Hen House.
Sounds like the standard operating procedure in the "Realm of NO Rule of Law" where Corporations and Lobbyist make the rules and they squash the common folks.

Mystery Buyer says:

It's funny. As a kid I was told all about how good buying savings bonds were but not once was told about gold and silver.

They were not keeping sound money from me were they? lol.

R R says:

Lynette Zang make a video where you can show people how interest rates have been rising. Yields on treasuries have been going up…………this is very important for people to know if they have debt.

Jack Lisiecki says:

Good learning session! Thanks Lynette.

ann ralles says:

thanks Lynette. How did they confiscate the gold…door to door?

Cosmos142857 says:

If you do not understand that it is possible to buy .25 cents of bitcoin you are either disingenuous or you do not know what you are talking about.

Shady Pine Home - Capricorn says:

Hi Miss Zang, nice reporting.

gary baker says:

We all take our chances and follow a particular path …..mine is fertile arable farm land with a permanent water source off grid sustainable permaculture with a small amount of PM's , God willing I will be living in a remote NON WESTERN country soon, hoping the SHTF event will hold off until I have liquidated all my assets and have my superannuation lump sum in hand., I'll leave the clepto coins and the block chain beast system to those who trust them.

Doug Waskan says:

Always valuable info. Thanks I will try to spread the word

Doug Waskan says:

Always valuable info. Thanks I will try to spread the word

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