Official *Sicko Mode* DANCE Video – Travis Scott, Drake, Robert Hoffman

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This aint an “official” shit but it sounds good.
– For teaching bookings: rjhbooking at gmail –
🐲If you didn’t read the special thanks then you missed the whole point basically.

My IG is @hoffmanrobert
Location: @placedancers

Special thanks:
Pupinia Pants
Erma Girsh
Dikenia Mauf
Sandy Poons


AfflictionAC says:

Nice to see robert hoffman dancing

Larissa Gabrielly says:


sara nikolič says:


SmokyNice says:

you have paradoxical self-irony! it's amazing and infectious😁💪😁

Grey Collective 2 says:

The Legend is back.

Nenita Bonita says:

Eres el mejor bailarin

Shado Cris says:

The hell is this shit!!! This is Robert Hoffman. Why the hell does this not have more view and likes. How many accounts can I make before I get banned?? I'm going like this video and share it everywhere. Robert, you are legend man! I'm really glad to see you doing videos again.

Martina M says:

Love u Robert since step up 2! You're so talented! 🔥

nonazer says:

@PUNCHROBERT girl in the back?

long-time listener , first-time caller says:

yo this was sick, GREAT choreography!

Ivo Galabov says:

Put some jeans on instead of these shorts. The moves are gonna look better. P.S. I’m your fan since Step up 2 trailer came out

Sam Jane says:

Welcome back! you were missed.. 💙

Jamie Taylor says:

Yess!! I`m not into this kind of dance at all but cannot stop watching you Robert, you're stuff is so unique! HUGE inspo for me, your passion just shines through and makes me get off my ass and dance for all the right, sincere reasons. SO glad you're back!!!!!

tobsmonster2 says:

Tfw you were lost when urban ninja dropped and still have no clue today

Katie Gay says:

We need more of these edits. Also, them taebo moves are fire.

Ashley Barlowe says:

First 10 seconds: Well fuck it up then!!! 😛

Ashley Barlowe says:

Still fine as all hell!! And still killin’ this shit! 😫🙌🏼

Mione134 says:

Finally! I've missed your videos, AND your dancing.

BetoMidian says:

Highlight of my day!

NathanBentleyDance says:

SO happy to see you dancing and creating again Robert! You were one of my earliest influences, showing me that you can just be yourself and the rest will follow! Thanks for the dope and hilarious video 🙂

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