Oil Crisis – Stock market Crash – OPEC – 1973

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The 1973 oil crisis paralyzed the USA and crippled the automotive industry. ‘This Week’ looks at how the lack of oil affects not only the US car Industry but also the every day lives of US citizens.
First shown: 06/12/1973
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allsparkwars2 says:

2:46 I feel that guy is not gonna be popular in town and get any girl he wants. FAKE NEWS

Kelly Smith says:

How was gas milage so bad then? An SUV gets you about 10 miles per gallon… That thing gave 6!?

Check please! says:

And in 2017 most gas stations, at least in Los Angeles, get a truckload of gas (9000 gallons) every day.

YouTuber says:

"Big ladies" — he would be looking for another job if he said that in 2017.

Calvin Saxon says:

"Petrol stations can no longer afford to fill up cars whose tanks take 20 gallons." Huh? "Excuse me, sir, your car's gas tank is too big. I simply can't afford to sell the commodity my store offers in such huge quantities. Selling all this gas is bankrupting me. In fact (shouts to everyone in the line), could we all PLEASE show some consideration and buy a little bit less gas! I've got a family to feed!"

Kimi Jong Highball says:

Fuckin arabs

Ludwin V says:

yet we still depend on oil

rm2ken says:

I was in Vietnam. Didn't even know about it until I got back.

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