Old School Runescape – Membership Bond Guide

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Membership Bonds have arrived! Learn more here: http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Support_OSRS_Membership_Bonds

Purchase a Membership Bond: https://www.runescape.com/c=RXWtcV0RMoY/c=RXWtcV0RMoY/oldschool/bonds

What is a membership bond?
A membership bond will allow you to buy membership for your account using in game gold pieces.

How do I buy a membership bond in game?
You can get a membership bond from other players or from the Grand Exchange.

How do I turn a membership bond into membership?
Simply right click the bond and choose the redeem option.

How much membership do I get from a membership bond?
You get 14 days membership from a membership bond.

Can I use a membership bond to pay for anything else?
At the moment membership bonds can only be redeemed for membership. If the community want to use them for other things such as paying for Runefest we can add that, but it will need to pass a poll.

How do I buy a membership bond to give or sell to another player?
Click on the ‘buy a bond’ link on the main page and follow the instruction to buy a bond from our website. You can then give the bond to another player or sell it on the Grand Exchange.

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penguinzomby says:

It's over 5 million coins now I can't afford it

Ronald Volz says:

Thanks baby

Meanbeagle :3 says:

ok maybe someone can help me out. The only way to create a bond is with real world currency right? then why would anyone want to sell them on the grand exchange? for 4 dollars you could get 100 times what a bond is worth if you just bought the gold.

Hinesh Gudka says:

scam buy bond ingame – osrs site took my money but didnt give me a bond

Hinesh Gudka says:

scam better off buying bond in game

Hinesh Gudka says:

bought bond from main site but didnt recieve it

Hinesh Gudka says:

do not purchase i got scammed by the osrs website – bought a bond – tried to activate ingame but no bond is there – not in ppouch not in invent not in bank
yet sent me messege saying welcome to members and money taken out my account and yet i cant access any members
nor see my bond physically and litallry

Hinesh Gudka says:

tried refund – it said u need to purchase something before refund
oi bought the bloody bond!!!!!!!!!!!!! whcih u said i can go members but i cant !!!!!!!!!!!

Hinesh Gudka says:

and then the fact that they dont even have a phone number to call
no real help email adress
no live support what so ever.

Hinesh Gudka says:

, i bought a bond fron the osrs site not recieved anything! but they sent messgege saying ejoy members, yet i am not a member even though i paid for the bond.
after paying for bond i went in game
cheked bond pouch — nothing,
checked bank – nothing
checked invent — nothing,,,,
checked statement — they took the money
checked messeges from osrs site, – they said welcome enjoy e members
tried logging into members — dont work.

Hinesh Gudka says:

SCAMMMMM!!!! i bought a bond 2 days ago from the osrs website and money taken out and jagex sent me messege saying enjoy embers, however i can not go to members, nor can i physially see th ebind i purchased, not in bond pouch, not in bank, not invent, not a member yet i paid for a bond……..

Hinesh Gudka says:

this is a scam. ive bought a bond 2 days ago now form osrs site and not recieved anything

Dank Mafea says:

1.3m for the bond back in the day

Ng Sc says:

Can i know what would happen to those items that only exist in members world in my bank if my bond expire…???

ʎɯɯıɾ ɔ says:

How do i buy a bond on rs3 for osrs account.

Drill Instructor Fitch says:

My name is bond membership bond

0184-music says:

I accidently bought rs3 bond have mailed jagex like 3 time in 4 days, they still didn't transfer IT to osrs

Scotty Unknown says:

"Price to be determined by the community" – What a terrible idea, it's over 4Million now and bots are running rampant.
Fix your damn game Jagex.

Shirushi says:

I saw in bot buster, and the donation well said 1m equivalent to 1 pound? which means 1m coin = 1.66$ CDN. Currently GE price 3.1m per bond. and jagex sells bond for $6.199 each.
6.199/1.66 = 3.73m? So that means you buy 1 bond + make it tradable( lose /not gain10% ge price) is about 2.7m in game coin. In conclusion, 2.7m/$6.2 CDN, or it cost 2.30 CDN for every 1m purchased. Expansive I would say.

Knifepo1nt says:

but how do we convert a bond to an item to sell it??. this isnt explained, it just appears in your inventory. i already purchased bonds from the site but cant sell them

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