One way to turn 10K in profit trading 3x leveraged Gold ETF JNUG JDST

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Watch how we turn $10,000 in profit within a month simply trading two 3x leveraged ETFs: JNUG & JDST

Learn a high probability setup and good risk management to make the most out of your capital.

ETFs covered: JNUG, JDST.

If you prefer to read, you can find more details in this blog post

BONUS! We go back in time and look at which ETF were hot in the month of January 2017.
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K Panda says:

and if you're insane.

Timothy Bradley says:

Awesome video. I absolutely love your platform. I can't imagine the power it will have once you go real-time! I watch every one of your videos, and learn something every time. You guys have really helped me tighten up my trading discipline, and I appreciate your hard work and your sharing with the rest of us. I have told my trading friends your platform and your videos are hands down the most efficient tools out there. I really like your supplemental video tonight, it really added depth to Jeff''s videos. However I missed Jeff's "Come on folks, check it out…". His enthusiasm for the platform and for sharing make you guys the best trading channel on YouTube. I feel I have a real advantage to have gotten on board with you guys so early. Thanks for your hard work guys. I know how much time and effort you put into not, only the platform, but especially the multiple videos every single day. Keep up the great work! You guys rock.

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