Operation Cryptosweep Caused Mass Market Sell Off

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The North American Securities Administrators Association have opened probes into potentially fraudulent crypto investment programs in what has been dubbed “Operation Cryptosweep”.

The ongoing investigation is “just the tip of the iceberg” and is designed to “crack down on fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency-related investment products, and those behind them” across the United States and Canada.

As you can imagine, lots of fear and negativity is coming out from this… sending the market into a flurry of flash selling as of yesterday afternoon.

This video takes a closer look.

See the Statement Here:

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Gee Dee says:

You are always on point with the quick important updates. thanks for content.

Jeff Samuel says:

Jacob is a pretty legit guy

Michael Delanzo says:

Binance wont let me in and HiTBTC ALONG with COINEXCHANGE…what up!!!!!!!

Michael Kerr says:

This doesn't surprise me at all. Crypto is on its way out Imop.

Crypto Cliff notes says:

Crypt0 recommended you! That's why I'm here!

109.9M views says:

I think the crypto industry is pretty much dead now lol. way too many scams and exchanges going bust and getting hacked…

Marcus1552 Crypto says:

Trading volume is more than 30% lower than the average level- trade volume precedes price and is a good indication of future price movement; this market is still going down by 30-40% before we hit bottom.

Lawrence Allhands says:

For clarification, you mentioned Linda. This is Linda Healthcare and has nothing to do with Lindacoin or LindaX right?

John Green says:


TheDrewish says:

This sweep doesn't explain why we see a sell-off for the largest, legit CC's

UCN says:

Brilliant! This is the best thing to happen to the Crypto space. The charlatans, cheats and scammers should be hunted out!

Tricky's World says:

Why pay the defined terrorists any attention??? Fook the guberment terrorists, long live crypto and all ICO's…

Mick Jos says:

It's only for scammy projects. Will be good to clean up the space. Hopefully investors don't panic for no reason, because this shouldn't effect decent projects

geeetube says:

no offence in disagreeing but NO-ONE is selling their BTC because of dodgy ICO's… if anything it makes BTC stronger… and also no offence but it seems Americans and Canadians think the focus of the world is based on them…… Chinese, Korean and European's couldnt care less about what goes on in the US and their exchanges

Crypto Granny says:

☘️☘️this news is not before it’s time ☘️☘️ unfortunately these coins under question should not have been allowed to trade from the beginning ☘️☘️most intelligent and real investors will understand this and be glad to see the ‘clean up’ ☘️☘️ Come on Bitcoin ….Hold Hold Hold ☘️☘️crypto Granny UK and Ireland ☘️☘️

Special Sami says:

No! If anything this would make the price go up. This has nothing to do with the market.

Adrian Toca says:

There are always reasons for every crash or decrease or massive sell off. The real problem is that since 8th of January we are in a bear market. Everybody was talking about 10 or 20 or top 5 "magical" crypto that "will make you rich" just to create the enthusiasm but then you buy and you get lower and lower and just hodl. I'm very curious when the market is gonna be over 800 B because maybe then we can talk about recovery.

John Green says:

***Absolutely pointless video***

John Green says:

***This IS NOT why the market is correcting***

John Green says:

***Oh…And there sending out cease and desist letters…Wow…***

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