Option Butterfly Strategy – What is a Butterfly Spread

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Butterfly Spreads Explained

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John Trolle says:

Next time, please speak louder

Zekria Zaki says:

Great and very informative video Thank s a lot

Guy Redares says:

Thank you for the high quality content! what route would you propse for a mature wannabe trader that already has a solid understanding of the theoretical foundations and wants to trade options for income, slowly, trading a few positions per month, a couple of hours per week?

Yohan Pernia says:

Hey im a breeder of common mormon or papillio polytes. Where can i sell this and hoe much? Thankyou

Snozy says:

sorry for spam my computer glitched

Snozy says:

Wouldn't you want to place a short butter spread when you have a high IV environment such as earnings because you know for a fact based on the Expected move it will go outside of the short strikes

Londonbaby says:

May I know how do u get 72 dollars from ?

Rachel Chen says:

yes, the best butterfly spread explained , thank you !!!

JoePonji says:

Can you explain when and if makes sense at all to roll a short butterfly spread?

JoePonji says:

Fantastic video. Subscribed

s k says:

excellent VIDEO

Agustin Loza says:

You totally stole these videos from skytrader.

Elektrindo Gading says:

great video. learn much from this. what are the diffrences beetwen long/short call and put? what condition in market should trade in call and in what condition we should trade in put?

Harry Tanumiharja says:

Louis, can u please make a real option trade (any strategy) video start from the set up how u place the order until u take the profit/realized the profit pelase? all your follower must be excited with that video. thanks

Adrianna De Santos says:

wow what a great video! Thank you! my question to you though, can we let these short butterfly spreads expire worthless or do we need to sell at a lower credit. Say, i have a short butterfly with a credit of 3.36. Can i let that expire worthless or buy it back lower?

hazelwood55 says:

The best explanation of butterflies I've seen.

maria haneff says:

good explanation…really appreciated..

Raja D says:

Good Explanation..

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