Option Chain Analysis & Open Interest Analysis – Option Trading Strategies For Beginners

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Option Chain Analysis – Open Interest In Option Trading. Option Chain and Open Interest explained in this Option trading strategies video.

In this Options trading strategies video, I discuss about Option Chain Analysis and Open Interest Analysis. I have begun with the very basics of Option Chain and Open Interest and have then proceeded further to explain the topic of Option Chain Analysis and Open Interest Analysis in great depth.

For Option Chain Analysis and Open Interest Analysis data, I have suggested NSE website along with Edelweiss and Bloomberg Quint. All these resources are free of cost for Option Traders. For explaining Option chain analysis and open interest analysis, I have taken up 15 days of Nifty Option chain analysis data for month of October 2018 and explained how one should use Option Interest in combination with Price action to trade successfully.

In the end, I have given out 10 specific rules for Option chain analysis and Open Interest Analysis which can be used for various Options Strategies. All of what I have explained revolves around the theme of options trading for beginners. Contents of this video can be used to devise open interest trading strategy.

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Amateur QQ Loops says:

Thanks for this amazing video. You just saved some good money of mine brother.i doubt even any paid teachers do them like this.
Anyways, please help me with one doubt. How can we confirm nifty is in buy in dip or sell on rise stage with the help of option chain ? If I missed it please let me know sir. And i am a proud and happy subscriber.

Tessy Saju says:

Which is reliable. Nse, quint or Edwel.

Deepak Bharti says:

Very well explained. Thanks for this great video!

Jitendra Mohapatra says:

Very useful information thanks for sharing your knowledge with us god bless you

Kannapiran R.P says:

Thank you very much sir

Gaurav Agrawal says:

Very good video sir..???

mallikarjun mareguddi says:

Sir, Could you please explain banknifty long straddle n long strangle ….which one is better?
And also short straddle , short strangle….when we should use and what is risk involved

pvasn rao says:

Thank u sir

Avinash Jawalkar says:

Do you think we should see the option chain & OI build up from the market open to know the trend for the day?
Also request you to make a video analysyis on PCR.

Sukhwinder Pal says:

Simply Wonderful!!

Naren says:

Thanks much for valuable post Sir

venkat vallurie says:

Excellent job done Sir,Keep up the good work

A M Shaikh says:

As always an Excellent video on OI, Thanks please keep posting more videos on OI.

Nagraj Puvvadi says:

very illustrative

Arvind P R says:

How is buying a call or put option an increase in OI?
I thought it's only selling of a CE or PE which causes OI to increase!!

Avinash Jawalkar says:

Tremendous analysis but as usual cant expect anything less coming from you.Good work & keep posting more such insightful videos.

Rohit Kumar says:

I have gone through many YouTube videos on the topic of trading but the presentation and content of your videos are really better and more professional.

nitin chavan says:

Sir apake video bahut achhe hai
Hindi me bhi bana lenge to bahu t achha hoga

Manish Kumar says:

sir option chain analysis open interest which oi yellow nd black oi chart u r using sir ?

Mohit Singh Puri says:

Worth the time as always.

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