Option Chain Intraday Trading Strategy (Hindi)

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Option Chain Intraday Trading Strategy is based on very simple logic and rational. The key two key rules of the option chain analysis are used in this strategy

1. The option writers prefer to SELL or Write or Short the ATM (At The Money) or near ATM options contract for maximum profit. Whereas, the option buyer will prefer to buy a far OTM (Out of Money) option contracts. For example, if the market is trading near 9500 then i will prefer to write 9500 CE or 9000 PE if my view is bearish on the market.

2. If a trader or investor’s view is bearish on the market then he or she can either write a call or buy put. Similarly, if the view is bullish then either i can write a put or buy the call options contract.

Now as a trader, I will check the data of Most active Calls and Most active Puts on the NSE website for nifty. If the most active calls are near ATM i.e. near the strike price at which Nifty is trading then it is call writing. You should confirm this data with the Most active Put option contracts. If there is PUT buying at far OTM then it implies that the Put buyers are ACTIVE this confirms the bearish view.

This Option Chain Intraday Trading Strategy normally does not work on the day of expiry or when the market is range-bound i.e. when both bulls and bears try to control the stock market.

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Nitin Bhatia says:

🔴🔴Why CASH is KING again in Stock Market?👇👇


Vaibhav Mago says:

Sir, why have you ranked the option contracts on basis of notional turnover and not on basis of premium turnover, because actual money flow is shown in premium turnover?

Manish Kamdi says:

Want to know dummy platform to actual trade in market

Ankur says:

awesome and simple , Thanks Guru Ji 🙂 huge respect for you

sunil mangalorkar says:

Sir today most active Call and Puts were 9200 Strike price. What does that signify ? Value of underlying was 9199

P Yadav says:

कैसे पता चलेगा कि पूट बाइ हो रहा है

vaibhav kurlekar says:

The one and only messiah for traders and investors in India. Aapko salaam sir…thank you so much for always being there for us..eternally grateful

Neelesh Patel says:

Thanks Guru G
Option chain simplified 4 step live streaming me yhi rules bataye the


Sir, Excellent strategy. Please share similar option strategy as I am an option seller.

Amit Bandekar says:

Nitin Ji , when any strategy comes on public domain , it will not work , like u r not sharing ur current trades as they wud n't work , what say ?

Ladle Mashaq says:

Good analysis

SajaL says:

Strategy :-
1) Check the NIFTY/ BANK-NIFTY current spot price (ATM)
2) See the most active call & put of the day & Choose only top 1 or 2 contract

3) Check by the value (Most value, more preferrable)
4) Check both of CALL & PUT data, & conclude it too close between most active (EXP: 200rs is preferabble gap)

ATM contract = Write/ Sell
FAR OTM contract = Buy

Bullish :-
1) Call Buy (Far OTM Contract)
2) Put Sell (ATM contact)

Bearish :-
1) Put Buy (Far OTM Contract)
2) Call Sell (ATM Contract)

Strategy didn't work :-
1) RANGE bound market (Where most active call & put are too close)

manish malhotra says:

Sir in this setup a fresh scenario will be started on every Friday for nifty am I right 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Boobalan Chandrasekaran says:

Here you mentioned 9500 and 9400 CE are ATM strike price…. but on 5th May price closed 9205 in this case 9200 only supposed to be ATM call sir? Please clarify.

Boobalan Chandrasekaran says:

Hello sir , many thanks for valuable information like this…. it’s really useful. Kindly requesting you to please make some videos in English also… This will help wide range users …. still few things I am not clear because of the language barrier please.

pchandrahas says:

Sir, you mean after studying End of The day Option Chain, We should try to ascertain next day market trend…Can one use this during market hours, esp in first hour of opening..?

HappY Sapariya says:

Salute to you sir 👏

Amit Goswami says:

Sir….this strategy is fantastic….can I implement this technic in stock option

Saurav Rudra says:

Hello sir, option chain intraday trading me jo technick samjhaya apne ye kya stok me vi same hoga ??

Sanjay Shanbhag says:

Bahoot Badhihya Sirji

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