Option Straddle Strategies Explained

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There are two different option straddle strategies: long straddles and short straddles. Both are broken down and explained as easy as possible in this video.

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Bryan Kim says:

Thanks for the good video. For a short straddle, what kind of stocks do you guys have on the watchlist that you guys think it is not volatile?
In another words, what are some non-volatile stocks?

lifeknow-science says:

Thnx ,god bless u

podak10 says:

So the long straddle profits even if price falls beyond BEP?

Harry Tanumiharja says:

Louis, I think Short Straddle is more like Butterfly but without limited risk. I'd prefer Butterfly strategy instead. Whats Delta should we pick on Call n Put side? ( I use Interactive Broker so no POP menu).Thanks

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