Option Trading – $500 to $50,000 (Trade #1)

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In this option trading challenge we are going to demonstrate effectiveness of Support & Resistance line as well as providing step by step guidance through our live challenge.

If by any means you wish to start your own journey, feel free to contact me and 1st hour is on us.


Tejinder Singh says:

does he still do this? his website does not work for me

Abror Raxmatov says:

Hey guys, when is the next alert, have not got them for half a year now, it seems like?

Tory StCyr says:

Signed up 2 days ago and haven't been able to get into the website. It says that it doesn't recognize my user id. Cant get in contact with Nem.

Chris smith says:

What is recommend account size for options account, after fee's to make profit would $2000 be enough I don't want to risk more that 10% per trade on a 2000 dollar account

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