Option Trading For Beginners Part-4 Put Options

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Option Trading For Beginners Part-4 Put Options
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Rohit Saxena says:

Sir aapke saare video dekh ke aisa lag raha he ki me ab tab bahut ghalat kar raha tha…but ab sure he ki aapke videos dekh ke ab trading and investment bilkul sahi chalega…..

Simanchala Pradhan says:

Because if the underlying value decreases put option value increases & call options value decreases
Similarly if underlying value increases put options value decreases call options value increases

Simanchala Pradhan says:

Bharti airtel 500 put price will more

हिन्दु हिन्दुत्व हिन्दोस्तां says:

500 स्पॉट प्राइस पर 500 की कॉल /पुट में
पुट महंगी होगी
क्योंकि कॉल/पुट प्राइस शेयर की फ्यूचर प्राइस से अपनी वैल्यू निकालती हैं ।
और ज्यादातर शेयर की फ्यूचर प्राइस,
शेयर की स्पॉट प्राइस से ज्यादा होती है ।
जब शेयर की फ्यूचर प्राइस ज्यादा होगी तो
500 स्पॉट प्राइस के शेयर में
500 की कॉल/पुट में
पुट इन द मनी हो जाता है
इसलिए पुट महंगा होता है ।


Awesome sir🙏🙏🙏

Atul Singh says:

due to down trend in bharti airtel, now atm put are expensive than call. Otherwise in other cases call premium is always more than put premium due to unlimited risk in call writing buy call seller, pur seller has a limit of risk while call writter has unlimited risk,. If i m right please tell sir


Need more videos🔥❤️❤️

Sandip2358 says:

Kunal sir, Its first time that some one explains option in very easy way and details. Thanks lot


Strike price kya hota h

Anoop Choudhary says:

Guru ye bhi bta diya hota ….ager expirey 500 per hoti h to put 0 ho jayegi…

Amit Agarwal says:

Very informative video!! Though I have studied and watch different source videos .. But you explained it differently and very simple!! I am looking forward so same easy way to learn complex setups of Option’s Greeks!!

Salah Khan says:

Sir, Your way of Teaching is so simple. Pls continue it.

Sanat Srivastava says:

PUT costly hogi Airtel ki.

Rohit Lewarikar says:

Bechne ke liye margin money ki bhi jarurat padti h kya or kitni

Ambar Chakrabarti says:

Very well explained. I was very nervous about F&O and haven't come across such an easily explained video . Thank you and looking forward to the next video on F&O.


Put jyada mehngi hogi

Janardan Panda says:

500 ka call jada hoga.

Ashish Ashu says:

आपका ये प्रयास छोटे निवेशकों के लिए सहारा है |

asim bagwan says:

Put will have more value than call

somu das says:

Sir please discuss about intraday trading.

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