Option Trading Strategies and Bank Nifty Weekly Expiry Trading Trick By Market Secrets Revealed

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Link to Download PPT: https://marketsecretsrevealedforyou.blogspot.in/2018/02/option-trading-strategies-training-ppt.html

Demo on how to read OI DATA
Option Writing Strategy for monthly income

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Vinod Shreeintl says:

Hi Ram Sir, kudos for live session. Must be tiring for you. I am not into options as consider it a tough subject due to time decay & volatility, so don't have much questions. But your session helped to understand how to judge the trend of the stock & market and how to ride the trend based on that.

My suggestions – Plz inform the agenda at the beginning of the week, so that members shld study and understand the basics first. This will help all to catch the tutorials better and also they wont ask kids question on chat in live session. Secondly, you shld ask every member to first study nse website properly, so dat they dont ask for links for easy scroll down menu. Members msgs looked like nursery kids in Ram Sir class at IIT, Chennai.

My queries.
1. Understood MaxPain reason behind 10350 CE on expiry.
2. Reason behind your call on Feb 2 to buy Nifty March 11300/11400/11500 CE when sellers are winners 90% time.
2. Why you hedged your Reliance Fut with 900 PE. Why you didn't sold 900 CE to hedge as sellers are winners 90% time.

Amitabha Paul says:

Sir u have provided the monthly support and resistance level for march. Can you tell us how to make the excel file with the help of video???

Satish Chinnannavar says:

One of the best free training available. One good thing it is done with genuine concern to teach us. I really appreciate your time and effort.

Ganesh Kumar Ganta says:

Thank you very much sir for such a great session. Sharing knowledge is an art and I am sure you have that. Keep going on sir.. Eagerly waiting for another session.

lakshminarayana u says:

Sir, Great Session , Great Learning..
small thing is Voice and video are 8.30 min delay while seeing recording. but that is fine.
Information is too great.
Bid and ask price check also was good..will also keep note of it.
Thanks alot…

i have 2 questions please
1)the Max pain strategy for Buy/Sell works for Stocks aswell or only for Nifty/BankNifty?
you worked on any stocks other than Nifty/Banknifty with this strategy?
2) in Option chain chart, any importance to check on columns: Volumes and IV column values?

Thank you.

Narasimha Murthy B U says:

To share this kind of knowledge others are charting 2-4 lacs with discount. You are so serious and each & every comment is answered while on live. Others suggest costliest softwares. You are really genius.

Narasimha Murthy B U says:

Please do continue recommend stocks for intraday, or for swing trading. Please continue with your mentorship

Narasimha Murthy B U says:

Hi Sir, your really great Sir, I haven't seen like this kind of training, mentorship till today. You have taken so much risk to educate us.

Right now I really don't have words to say.

Thank you

Uday Karmakar says:

please replace your microphone with new one ..

Aby Ravindran says:

had this doubt in your session sir, and I researched more and found this below. Updating for others.
/Range of India VIX for the last 4 years has been in between 13 to 35 as shown in the table above. Yes, VIX had spiked to 50+ levels in 2009 when we had 2 upward circuits moves on the day election results were announced, but otherwise the range has been between 13 and 35. Looking at the past 4-year data, we can say that VIX is considered high if it is above 25 and low if it is below 15, so the normal range is considered between 15 and 25./
Show less

Aman Razdaar says:

poor audio sir. cant understand anything. upload again with good audio please.

chetan hirani says:

it was superb session sir, I was there for first session then left. Now I have watched full session. thanks a lot for priceless information you have sharing with us.

Jack Kumar says:

Audio is very bad
I do not understand what u saying

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