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Certified DeriVative Master (CDM) – Option Market Distance Learning Course

CDM program focus on basic as well as advanced strategies and learn how to control risk and generate income with options.Whether the market is up, down or sideways, you can use options trading to come out ahead. The Advanced Options course will give you even more strategies to use to manage risk and help you reach your financial goals. You’ll learn several conservative strategies that can be applied in different ways.This course will take your option trading skills to a higher level, step by step.

Course Structure:
Module 1 : Concept of Derivative Trading
Module 2 : Introduction to Option Market
Module 3 : Option Tools for Analysis
Module 4 : Trading Strategies for Futures
Module 5 : Importance of Derivative Indicators
Module 6 : Option Trading Strategies
Module 7 : Advance Trading Strategies

Is this course for you?
If you want a practical overview of option trading or if you want to learn and manage how with small capital one can effectively trade in stock market with decent return or If you are interested in building on your knowledge options analysis in deep and develop market timing strategy based on sound technical analysis this is the course for you.

What will you learn?
» Understand the value of technical analysis in your trading.
» Learn to predict the future price movement & would be able to identify the false breakout or stop loss moves.
» Learn to generate cash flow with high probability strategies.
» Learn to identify range bound and trending market.
» Learn trading strategy for intraday and positional trading for decent return.
» Find out which strategies work best in which market conditions based on price time & volatility.
» Discover the benefits of vertical-based strategies such as Iron Condors and Butterflies.
» Create Diagonals by combining the best of vertical and Time-based strategies.
» Learn the use of Delta neutral strategy in relation with theta factor.
» Learn to use time in your favor with Calendar Spreads.
» Importance of Volatility and volatility based trading.
» Create your own rules and a trading strategy that aligns with your skill level, capital investment and discipline.

Benefits for you?
This course provides an excellent opportunity to undertake practical-based training for option trader especially who have small capital and also for those who don’t want to trade with high risk. The course will give a deep insight of hedging trading as how one can benefit and earn consistently with these techniques in this extreme volatile market.

Benefits for your organization?
Trading companies may wish to have their employees trained in widely used chart analysis techniques and also in derivatives market with special stress on options trading as options generate more than 60% of the market total volume. Industry participants will benefit by understanding how other sectors of the industry use the futures and options market trading strategy and identify the trend of the market to have an edge over other uninformed traders and thus have the advantage of being able to make informed decisions on when to enter or exit a market.

CDM Courseware :
» 2 CDs Set (Interactive video lectures, Quiz & Assignments)
» Tools, Softwares, EBooks, Trading Strategies, Practical Examples
» CDM Book : “Printed Guide Books”
1. Basic of Option Trading
2. Certified Option Trading Strategies
» Technical Analysis Freeware Softwares
» Review and revise with recordings of all the classes any number of times

Coruse Information: http://www.moneymantrastock.com/landing/option-trading/course/
Course Structure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XC0v9ar-1vE

MCTA™ – Course Information http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hXecg-dLru4

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