Option Trading : What Kinds of Mistakes Do New Traders Make?

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Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista discuss the most common mistakes new traders make. They talk about not putting on enough occurrences, not getting enough premium, choosing the wrong strikes and more.


Hasan Forex says:

Thats right. Beginners makes mistakes. I also did. But now i trade with lxmarkets broker. They always helps me to trade with a good profit. You can also work them. They are very reliable.

Tis'ur"Master'" says:

forget trading, just give your money to the broker. All the commission paid to the broker…

chalemi says:

OMG! What he has said up to the 8:00 minute mark, could have been said in one tenth the words. He's talked about basketball, casinos…come on. Not everyone with knowledge, has the skills to teach. This could easliy have been done in 8-10 minutes.

Austin Reed says:

With your expertise, what binary option broker would you recommend be the best for beginners?

Stephen Williams says:

Why am i always at a lost in following anything you guys trying to impart. Frustrated.

JR Bennett says:

Tom, your soo right. Alot, of economist have no clue how finance really works. They have no real market experience. They rely too much on dot plots.

James Morris says:

Experience will be the best education you ever get on the market. When you first start you will most likely lose money, however being able to learn from your mistakes is what will really determine if you're cut out for trading. Real traders don't gamble, they analyze and study the market. They create a strategy that makes money. TastyTrade, keep up the good work!

Corporate Algorithm says:

This is excellent content. Thank you

the business handler says:

Number of occurrences I like it

Henrik Rubin says:

I was wondering if you guys can recommend a platform that you believe is the best or most useful for trading options? Thanks for your help.

Barney Qt says:

I'm using Think or swim paper trade platform and I don't know how to exit or close a trade early. I assumed that I am obligated to wait it out until expiration (because of the credit I received)? For example, I have bear call spreads and bull put spreads that made me a profit but I don't know how to close. I also made an Iron Condor on Google that fluctuates like crazy, sometimes I'm 4K profit or 12k loss in a matter of minutes. My question is that is it possible to close my iron condor if I see that it's currently at profit before expiration? Will I keep that profit if I close before expiration? The theory aspect I can swallow but it's kind of challenging once you have to incorporate that theory into practical terms and knowing the ins and outs of the platform.

Bhaskar Kaushal says:

According to his stratergy at 17:59 one needs to sell only when then there are surplus of buyers in the market .But isn't it the fact that with the increased number of buyers chances of stock price uprisal are more .So why would a person would want to sell at that time ?

Beverly Cheney says:

Always practice safety.

danphillyman says:

Happy holidays!!       Were  learning too fast, what not to do, what we should've done, and what works well… before I go to day trading, Im finding out directional positions aren't too kind…. I like the straddles and strangles and like the cushion an  ITM straddle lends… just enough to sell the loser before losing more than your making on the winners… Is this accurate with you as well?What are some of your personal  favorite strategies…?


10:0010:15 my EXACT problem, still even after a year. One casual friday, when contracts are cheap, and they move much faster… I swear the moment I enter into what would be a winning trade, it just 180s, turns against me (like it knew I got in), and then I end up giving back parts of my week! Worst feeling ever, especially when it becomes routine (even after I tell myself repeatedly I wont do it).

Sacha10461 says:

a little confused on a video in the university saying that if you buy options and they go past the expiration date u have to pay the difference . your buying the stock cheaper but I assume you have to sell it before it expires or else u pay the actual price of the options/stock.

run2daylite73 says:

Sosnoff looks out for the retail trader, he's not a broker. And BTW, he's a frickin genius, so pay attention

James Holder says:

Hi all, try to look like a pro online trading . Just Google vakapetoleum

Joey Lentz says:

I love this guy! Great content. Great individual.

victor toombs says:

While i am not new to the market, i have virtually no knowledge of options. Have watched several videos and am feeling overwhemed with the complexity and jargon of options. Where the heck should i begin?

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