Options for Beginners

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This video will help viewers, specially audience new to options market to understand exactly what derivative options are, what are the benefits of trading in derivative options versus futures. A 30 min video explaining the entire basics of trading options.

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Rukmini Swathi Venkataramanan says:

Absolutely clear..we need more such clear videos about market and all such aspects. Cudos

Electric Hulk says:

your missing the part concerning where one contract gives you control of 100 shares of the stock and thats where you make the profits

ThunderLightenBolt says:

Great explanation..some people are experts at options ,but can't teach for nothing. !

You on the otherhand are a very good teacher..thanks from the U.S.A

Harichandra Reddy Ramireddy says:

Very informative…

Jjj Lll says:

thank you so much very good and clear lesson


I appreciate your ability to explain so nicely. Thank you. All the best

Kaliannan Mani says:

It is a very good presentation and very well explained

Eshwar Chawan says:

Excellent explained, Thank you very much sir.


Best & very clear explanation in a simple way. Thanks a lot


Perfect orientation for beginners!!! Pls upload more on technical analysis for identifying signals/indicators for trading in option intraday or trading t+1 day.

Simphiwe Hlophe says:

I am confused..Can a car insurance be made an example of call option? If yes would that mean you have to pay 50 if your car is damaged whatever the damage costs or the seller would just have to give you 1, 2, 3 or 4 which we counted as profit?…My question to make it simple is, can insurance be considered as call or put option?

Lulu Love says:

thank you it was helpful you are a good teacher also add how to draw the graphs for payoff and profit


brilliant presentation

jjr04001 says:

This is pretty awesome. One of the more comprehensive videos online.

Binu Thomas says:

very helpful , Thanks

rk raja rathinam says:

its too much clear for the first time viewer itself…. too good

parth shah says:

The things explained in video are really helpful. Can you also make a video and explain us in which option to trade? like if the market is going up…which call option of nifty i should buy which will give good return.

Amit Singh says:

very informative.

Ramesh A says:

kudos to you. what a presentation.Excellent !!!

jurrasic fan says:

i have some query's please help +Ambition Learning Solutions

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