Options Selling Hedge – Nifty (Monthly Income)

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Video by http://bse2nse.com

This video talks about Nifty Options Sellers hedge, a strategy which can be used to generate monthly income (regular income) as an alternative to salary as being an employee.



Hi mani sir,
I saw the entire video… It was very good and u made it very simple. Except for the amount of stop loss, i understood the logic. Can u please once again explain how to place the STOP LOSS .

Yogesh Powar says:

Hi Mani

Is strategy same after changing lot size?Please suggest if any changes

Thank You!

Sai Kishore says:

Hi Mani, it is good. I am thinking in similar lines and this video gives me more confidence. Thank you. But I have a question. Option prices depend on volatility. If nifty is appearing like range bound in a particular month, option selling may not give us 4% on each side. am I not correct? is it worth taking risk for less % premium?

Dr. Ketan Jinwala says:

Hi Manikandan really nice video. Can I do it for Banknifty options? If yes than how much % /week level should I use? Is it same 2%/week in Banknifty?

Thirunavukkarasu Narayanan says:

Hi, Manikandan,
Whether the calculations / numbers are hold good of current status (nifty lot size is changed)? If there is any change, can you pls put a fresh one?

Thirunavukkarasu Narayanan says:

Hi, Manikandan, I am seeing very later after a long time of your posting. sorry. I have one doubt about Stop Loss. In the example you have entered both CALL & PUT SHORT by which got Premium around 17rs. (9rs per side). You told to cover once it is reached 50 rs …it is not clear pls?

Vijay Gawade says:

Hi Mani This is really good way to earn steady income. What if we go for next month expiry & collect even more premium also it can give us liberty to hedge our position on both the side with same return of 3/4%. Please share your thoughts.

Hari K says:

Good one Manikandan !!

Rushikesh Kanthamani says:

Mani u r always great in the explanation part, but can u tell me in worst case how to hedge this position. As Writing options is not relatively safe than to buy them, as losses r unlimited and profits r limited. thanx in advance

siddharth gupta says:

Sir… if I sell 8200 put @ 6 /- and 9000 call @ 8 /- (both one lot) at 8606 (current price) … then at expiry how much money I can make.. I am still confused…. some people say that you will not get (6 + 8 ) * 50 = 800 /- . They say That it depend on the volume and premium on expiry date… is it true??? is my calculation wrong???

Vaithi Raj says:

It would be really helpful if you could post of recording of how you execute 'writing' options using the trader(Pi orZT)

Thanks in Advance.

rajesh nayak says:

Hi mani. This is September, 2015 and if incase i wanna excecute this strategy, what exact date(for 2weeks) should i enter? I might sounf stupid but I'm new to options. And also i didn't understand point number 4 in your guidelines :(

ngokamakka says:

Mani sir, if i sell call and put and receive 15 rs as premium….i dont understand if either side gets to 75….that means the premium goes to 75 rs. this math makes little bit confusing….im new to options…..

kavya gupta says:

Dear mani, please guide me on gulf oil lubricants. Is it a good investment or a bad idea.

Santosh Bhat says:

Hi Mani, What do you think about selling at a range of 800-900 points for 4 weeks? let me know your thoughts

shankara murthy says:

Hi I am Purohith Shankara Murthy I am trading in the market from last 3 years . I am training in only cash I am afraid to trade in future and option when i  see your option hedging strategy I am very happy to say you I am aapply strategy you have said in video last 3 months I get profit around 25000 really happy  I want to learn more option strategies   I have a capital nearly 15 to 20 lakhs that's why I am want to learn more strategies. From yu sar. Once again very very thank you sir I am waiting for your reply

Anand Cr says:

Even with 400 points away now at the start of the month, I see a premium of about 15 Rs. only

Anand Cr says:

But now if I see the position, i.e. 800 points away, it is very less, about Rs. 10 on both sides. So is it best to enter after 2 weeks

Srikanth says:

Hi Mani,Thanks for sharing this video, it is both educational and informational.

I have a question from the given example in the video. Since Nifty ended @8181 which fell out of the trading range (8200-9000) what was the net loss?

Thanks in advance.

Ganesh Jothi says:

Dear Mani, very stupid questions 
1) Why is it 2% away on either sides? Why can't it be 3%. I understand the premium will be much less but still the odds of retaining the premium is much higher right?
2) What is the reason for getting into a trade 4 or 2 weeks before expiry? Why can't I get into a trade a week before expiry?

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