Options Strategies for Regular Income: He won this trade through smart analysis & options knowledge

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Options strategies employed for regular income, when combined with simple technical analysis can yield powerful results. In this video, we discuss how this trader picked support and resistance points in Alphabet stock and then used his options knowledge to design an options trade with a solid theoretical basis.

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Goose says:

While Iron Condors are an okay strategy, this was not the best play at the moment. Google’s implied volatility is relatively low at the moment. Therefore, it’s pretty cheap and you don’t get a good price for selling premium. Instead I’d recommend setting up a double diagonal and take advantage of IV expansion (I’m currently in this position). The risk profile is similar to an iron condor, except that the break even points expand outward as IV expands. Since IV is extremely low (almost the lowest it’s ever been for google) the likelihood of expansion is high. I should note that this strategy is BAD for high relative IV since the break even points will conversely CONTRACT on a decrease in IV.

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