Options Strategies: Vertical Spreads & Iron Condors | Options Crash Course

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Here in episode #9 of tastytrade’s Option Crash Course, we dive into defined-risk option strategies. Specifically, we learn about Vertical Spreads and Iron Condors. With both strategies, the key point today is that with out-of-the-money option strategies, it is always the option that is closest to the at-the-money strike that is the driver of the position’s directional bias. This can help in making the transition from understanding single options to understanding option spreads.

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Dustin Donham says:

I think the best thing about this course is Jim is a straight shooter. Trading options on Tastyworks aside (you can use any platform) Basically its not 30m-hour of bullshit just to sell you some garbage. That in its self is much appreciated and frankly, refreshing. Also any vet trader knows using defined risk to reward can allow you to lose trades 51% (or more) of the time and still make money. Thanks Dr. Jim and thanks for your email replies.

Io says:

Jim the greatest!

Solopreneur says:

I always can use a refresher on spreads and Iron Condors to sound smarter on my YouTube channel! Subscirbed!

marsery says:

As I said on Twitter those crash courses are TERRIFIC. It's broken down into little chunks of knowledge, short enough to not be overwhelming yet well put together to grasp and understanding all the key concepts and then put together they're like lego , we're building in a very condensed format and in a very comprehensive way a very valuable base of knowledge. You're a great teacher

BMatt 9 says:

This series is gold. Thanks.

S Sam says:

I have been calling for a series like this…. Thanks for putting it together.. 🙂

Giai Tri says:

do we need 100 shares to sell a call and do we need to have enough money to cover the sell put? since there are both in the iron condor. thanks

Ghreis Khaleq says:

Jim .I learned how to do this Option today with you more than those that encourage people to join their session for about thousands of thousands of dollar. Thank you and will continue to watch you to learn more.

vald447 says:

Amazing crash course. I've been scrambling to learn all these details on their own for months now but this course give you everything you need to learn in one place!

Io says:

way to go tastytrade

Pritesh Vora says:

Thanks for sharing this. What would be your suggestion to manage a naked short call option which has already gone in the money by 5%. How would you adjust that with 4 days to expiry?

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