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What is Options Trading? In this video, we talk about the basic terms involved in understanding Options – like Strike Price, Premium and so on. How does the premium of a options contract vary or change and what it depends on.

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Kaloo Thatha says:

Thank you Mr.Mani. I had lost agoodlot money in the stockmarket in tne past. Only now and after listening to you,I am confidant of not losing any money in future. It is enough if I make some 10k- 15k p.m. Be you ever blessed.

nsrajeev says:

Hi, If Spot price is 6320, then how can the strike price of 6200 be a CALL option? should it not be a PUT option because it is speculated to go down from the spot price. Please clarify. In your video you are saying spot price is 6320 and then the CALL strike price as 6200. Is it right? iam new and am not clear with the options trading. Thanks.

mitesh kapadia says:

Excellent explanation

Debesh Kumar says:

Sir how to choose right strike price for intraday
or any taking any strike price is good

raj yadav says:

I know the basics of option, but the content used in this video is very good.

bharath krj says:

hi mani 
great video i am a very new to stocks and found your videos very helpful

could you plz help me find out where can i watch the premium rate and how would i know how much to pay or premium rate as said you in the trading platform

i use axis direct for my stock trading thank you

Vigneshwaran Shivakumar says:

Thank u mani

Swarup Sarkar says:

Sir do u provide any training courses…??

Santosh Anand says:

very useful for first time learner..

shashikant M says:

its really good one sir…no one explained me as simply as you taught sir.

Swarup Sarkar says:

In this one video of ur i understood the basic of option which i been trying to learn…… Thank you very much…
I request u if u can explain little more on next video that why and how premium goes down before expriry .. How to choose corrrect strik price before expiry..etc etc…

Harsh Sharma says:

Thanks.Very nicely explained and you made it very easy to understand..

Vijay More says:

can we trade equity on intraday basis? I am not talking about futures and options. How it is different than derivative intraday option. I am new to share market. Could you please respond to this question

Jp M says:

sir can u explain what covered call is?

Yogesh Ithape says:

Thanks Mani, Its really Nice & simple way to explain Options.. 

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