Options Trading & Day Trading LIVE tutorial – My latest live trading video – How to scan for stocks

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READ FULL DESCRIPTION! Nice little clip of my latest live trading video trading options. I explain how to use eTrade to scan for stocks and put on a live trade during market hours. If you are looking into options trading or day trading, You get to watch me explain a lesson while executing a trade. Although I do not suggest you guy’s day trade, I do put on a day trade, I also explain the risks of trading options (especially weekly options) and how you can mitigate the risk. If you really want to learn anything from this video and get a better idea on how to trade options and options trading in general, WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO so you get to see how I not only find the stock to invest in, but also how I go about the analysis before, during and after the trade. Best part of all this, I only risked $10 to put on the trade, and I didn’t need to use any sort of technical analysis or chart pattern to find the stock within seconds of it moving. Granted I didn’t use any fundamental analysis, you can see how versatile my approach is as it is a mix between traditional investing and proper speculation. You couldn’t see because my trading setup has multiple screens, but I had factset up on another monitor and I used that to look up all the companies that came across my scanner and caught my attention, and I already had a prior understanding of those companies’ fundamentals and had the market knowledge to understand their sectors and market interactions between each other. That being said, obviously know how to trade stocks and having a market education was very vital in not only understanding what stock to trade, but it also highlights there was way more going on in this trade that meets the eye. It is not this easy or simple as it looks, so please be cautious in trying to replicate this and I highly suggest you don’t try to trade options like this until you really know what you are doing.

Finally, I really hope you guys watch the entire video so you can hear my criticism of some approaches and exposing their marketing tactics that I have seen online. Don’t fall for BS penny stock pitches or options trading strategies that focus on mere percentage returns as this is very misleading. With options being very cheap, it is very easy to get 20-200% gainers (as it is very easy to lose to) so do not be blinded by this. If you don’t know how much a trader put into the play, it has zero relevance, as you can see from this live trading clip, I bought the options for $10 and commissions are $5. With commissions being $5 to buy and $5 to sell, that’s $10, so for me to even break even I would need the options to go up 100% lol see my point? The option traded up to $30 at one point at the highest, and even $15 immediately after I placed the trade. If I sold at the top (which I didn’t and wasn’t very likely) I would have made $30, I paid $10 for it, and $10 in total commissions, I would have only netted $10 profit (not to mention taxes). So at the end of the day, the option would show +200%, however I only made $10, which is 50% of the initial investment including commissions. My point is, don’t be fooled, because not only would this have been a dumb/risky trade if I used more than $10 (hence why I hesitated in the video), but I would have risked my initial investment (which I lost completely) and did all that work to make $10, pretty awful risk reward & would be dumb AF if I put in more than $50. You guys are smart enough to realize this and don’t fall for the imposters out there as they are invading the options trading industry faster than ever. Lastly, hopefully you guys can appreciate that I show my entire screen when posting these videos, and I always show my screen for students who watch me trade live every day. I say hopefully Because there are trading education “teachers” out there like Timothy Sykes who post their live trading videos (even for their students) and they only show part of their screen. Is that really transparency?

Hopefully you guys can appreciate this video. If you like these live trading videos and want more, you can let me know by giving the video a THUMBS UP, SUBSCRIBING, SHARING & ultimately COMMENTING letting me know what you want!

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Histology Tech says:

ok so what are the different styles of trading? is it Swing trading, day trading and whats the others? and you can day trade, intraday trade, penny stocks, and options and etc etc ???

Peter Jackson says:

I'm in the UK and can not use Etrade, what alternatives are there that include the live buy / sells / volumes that are taking place?

Nick Buric says:

This is class.

iLoveGlue says:

so you buy when its headed to the red? then sell when its going to the green?

Anthony Baltodano says:

Josh, do u think it is more "profitable" to start trading with ToS? I say this because of the $5 commissions on Etrade, it kind of made me think of the money I have (like $100) to start investing. Of course I am going to start paper trading as well.

Terry Sirus says:

I want to start trading, beginner here. Where do I start bud. Btw great Video

Gilbert Serna III says:

Do you usually only hold a position for a couple of days?

justin morgan says:

do some of your members day trade as well? like even though you say don't do it

Html Mentor says:

I wonder is there something like this on thinkorswim I will do some digging around

Gooby gpb says:

Josh, if i join TTF isnt it free after 3 Months? Also when does the next class start?

pozionmynd says:

great video cleared up some stuff for me i couldnt find before in other videos.

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