Options Trading Expiration: Understanding the Basics

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tastytrade typically never leaves trades on through expiration and for good reason! Today, Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista break down a number of common positions and what happens on expiration. They explain your risk (even when trading defined risk spreads!) and what your in the money options will expire too. They also discuss how your risk profile changes if you are assigned after expiration.

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HyungJoon Joo says:

Tom please burn that stupid hat.

Tony Q says:

Hello tastytrade, Thank you for your great video tutorial. Do you know why the price of
an option contract that expire in a week's profit much more than an option
that expire in a month? I.E.
MSFT rise from $50 to $55. If you own MSFT option contract as below
Your MSFT option contract Strike price $50 expire in a week earn $4
But your MSFT option contract Strike price $50 expire in a month earn
only 40 cents
Thank you

Smith Joan says:

Thanks for the video!!!

Jose Valles says:

love the vids..I have a quick question..I have a debit call on a stock exp in 7 days..so far i'm down..if I let it expire…I will just lose the premium right? p.s. keep up the great work.

Conor Fitzpatrick says:

When you buy a call and your up money with two days left until expiration how do you take profits??

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