Options Trading Explained | Call Option & Put Option Trading | Option Trading for Beginners

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Learn how option trading is done, how call option trading and put option trading works, how we make profit and loss in options and what are the advantages and risk in call option or put option trading. Watch this video to learn all things about option trading.

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0:00 Introduction
0:47 What are Options?
1:03 How Options Trading is done?
6:53 Call Option
8:03 Call Option Buying
15:57 Call Option Selling
25:03 Put Option
26:15 Put Option Buying
34:30 Put Option Selling
44:15 What is Option Chain?
45:32 P&L Formulae
47:32 Ending
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Open a Free Demat Account with Upstox : https://bit.ly/2H379z3

Deepak Patel says:

I would be grateful if you could please create video on Options strategy…you can explore Zerodha Sensibull

Deepak Patel says:

Very Sweet Explained ….Good Effort have taken …Appreciate for your creativity

Viney Puri says:

But It is necessary to sell or buy the shares on expiry or can we keep it with us.

Baba army yt says:

Very simply and professionally explained
Thank you very much for this
I hope in future the content will be more knowledgeable

kabi raj says:

good explained

avinash hemane says:

Very simple explanation 👌..1m likes

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A big thank u 🙏🙏🙏

It's the best video's till I checked

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Why was this video not in trending list? It is the best video on options ,thanks and pls continue making such videos

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very good explanation

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Very well explained.
As We can see in the video that you takes so much effort to make this helpful, learning video.
Thanks for this!

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Very very nice explanation

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Good morning sir 🌻
i have only one question?
What to learn properly before entering into an options?
Pls reply 🙌🏻

Subroto Bhowmik says:

can we but a put option on uper price of spot price?? like nifty on 11900 and buy put option at 11200 strick price

Vaibhav Raj Vashisth says:

Waiting for options premium video

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Sir, Bitcoin Kya hai…?

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आपका चैनल सब्सक्राइब कर लिया है, अगर टेलीग्राम पर है तो सूचित करें वहाँ भी join करेंगे। ऑपशन buy/sell में डर लगता है कि कही loss न हो जाय। मैं हमेशा प्रॉफिट करता हूँ ,करना चाहता हूँ, डर कैसे निकले?

Nitin Rane says:

This is really interesting and informative..Pls continue e series.

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Nicely explained.

Mangesh Patil says:

Please do upload on your channel

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