Options Trading For Beginners – Free Training by Nifty Course

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Learn how to make monthly income by trading options with very less risk. Lot of people loose money trading intraday and options but if you know how to trade it is possible to generate monthly income just by doing 4 to 5 trades in a month. thats the beauty of options trading. More about the options and how they work? what are options? how to trade options with less risk is covered in the video session.


naveen mn says:

sir I need help on equity intraday trading plz plz

Karandeep Singh says:

i have been watching your videos for quite a while. you always come up wih new and concrete strategies. Where do you bring so much information from? Can you suggest me a source (book/website etc)?

Avinash sqlserver says:

do you do fund management?

rishav mahajan says:

Gr8video bt i have to learn twice or thrice bcoz i m beginer

Saksham Jadon says:

hey nice video .. i have a zerodha account how can i buy the the Strike price corresponding to the concerned LTP, it only shows the current market price of nifty 50 plz help..

Dwitikrushna Ota says:

how to join your training class

Michealraj Amirtharaj says:

no profit in intraday

Kumar Kumar says:

I have gone through your videos in all the videos u have explained the best strategy of your, with assurances, we r really very happy with your strategy, to learn you

Injeel Ahmed says:

Why have you stopped uploading videos? Please make a video to explain completely how to select stock and trade. That will be very helpful. BTW thanks for all your earlier videos, you are great 🙂

Dev Nindhi says:

Your not uploading any videos after day 17 video. Please Upload a video for continues

Dev Nindhi says:

can i do options trading in intraday


Hi NEw SuB Here—-Thumbs up! . If you get a chance sometime I would love if you could stop by my channel sometime and have a look. Great video, very informative.

Nitin Kumar says:

every video is good but do live trading with us
so we can learn how to quickly
buy and sell and quickly take decision explaining and doing live trading is different in every aspect so do live trading we us

Sandeep Kumar says:

What percentage of return can we expect from iron condor?

skumar patil says:

Liked your Day Trading Videos.Missing them.

Naveen Gladstone says:

i would like to enrol in your training class but how to join ? is it an online course ? cause i am from chennai

ABOTOS Finance says:

I am having a very hard time to go live in youtube. Can you help me?

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