Options Trading: How to Make a 15% Consistent Income Every Six Weeks

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Used correctly, options can be one of the surest, easiest ways to make money in the stock market. Your Guide, free of cost, has arrived at http://bit.ly/1mUj9R3! Click here to overcome key fundamental challenges facing options traders and turning them into consistently profitable trades.

In this exclusive live chat event, Options Advantage Chief Strategist Andy Crowder reveals a low-risk options strategy for pulling steady gains out of the market – without having to constantly watch your brokerage account.

Novices and veterans can benefit from Andy’s patient and thoughtful approach to options trading that allows his followers to easily generate income, with predictive results, in up, down, and even flat markets.

His high-probability strategy allows you to profit even if you’re only partially correct. You don’t even have to choose which direction the underlying stock or ETF will move… you win either way!

Sign up for your 30-day free trial to his options trading service at http://www.TryOptionsAdvantage.com/ and discover how you can put this easy-to-use income strategy to work for you right away.

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Ivan G. says:

Room Hypist?

j parks says:

He worked for Al Gore? Automatic fail. Turned off.

Herbert Koehler says:

Im trying to understand when he says 15%. Im comparing the premium collected ro the strike price at risk. Seems like its not even 1%. What am I missing?

Jerry Tom says:

OPTIONS TRADERS BEWARE… MOST OF THE TIME OPTIONS TRADES LOSE MONEY…   I am not selling anything.  I am just talking from experience.  Maybe I can save you money.
Why do so many people say that “when you trade options you will make money no matter which way the market goes — up, down or sideways” ? That is a HOAX!  Listen – Don’t get me wrong – I am not trying to be disrespectful of anyone trying to make extra money… heck we are all trying to make a living. You can make money with options just like you can make money in stocks but You need to know the direction (or Flat) of the market.  Otherwise you will lose money. Most of these option “gurus” are telling you to buy calls / puts or sell calls/puts, sell covered calls or better yet they try and convince you how safe your money will be in an option spread.  That is just of few of the many many option strategies. The largest benefactor of the options industry is the options brokers and the endless amount of “Educators” doing youtube videos, writing books and blogs on how to make money in options.  That is how they are generating income — not trading options.  Unless you have very deep pockets and you know where the market is going you are not going to make a monthly income trading options. It is not happening. I have a Challenge for you. I defy anyone who can give me a strategy that will guarantee me a monthly income of $100 without the risk of losing a lot of money and having a very large sum of money invested. I will give you $10,000 or do you need $20,000?
Again – not trying to be disrespectful to anyone – options are a very good hedge and offer very good leverage but the word “guarantee” really concerns me.

OIdiesCentral says:

That's about 7%,after all the capital gain and other taxes.Not exactly a job-quitter percentage.

Haka Lau says:


Jose Garcia says:

you people are blowing to much smoke,the dude is highly respected in options market
options can be complicated and confusing at times and its not for everybody.but if your up for the challenge you have a better chance making money on options that you do with just stock trading,like ANDY saids he looks for the 80%probability of success.from reading these post, looks like alot of you should just go to penny stocks and leave option trading alone!

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