Options Trading Part 1 – Zerodha Trading

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Options Trading Part 1 – Zerodha Trading


LeGeNd Of CiBoLa says:

can u plz make it more clear bcoz its really confusing abut the strike price.

LeGeNd Of CiBoLa says:

sir wher is the futures video listed fr newbees

Sunil Katke says:

Thanks for your Video
Q1. If the price goes into minus will i loose only the Premium Amount or I have to pay more ?
Q2. When to Buy and When to Sell? Suppose if i Buy on March 1st and I will sell it on 24th or 25th and the Expiry will be on March 28th there is a 24 to 25 days Gap will the profit very less?

karteek varma says:

Hi karthik
Can you please make a lengthier video explaining this options concept in detail, like others even I am confused… 🤔😦


Normally premium comes down in the beginning of the month i.e. feb. depends on the flucuation of the price of the share and not directly touching the price of Rs.600/-. Only on the assumption that he pays the premium of Rs.10, he will loose only his premium.


Sorry to say sir, It is not explained properly. it has to be explained in such a way that the buyer expects the price will go up to 600 and pay the premium of Rs.10, but if the price doesn't go up he loses only the premium of Rs.12500/- and not the entire capital.

iam venky says:

What about the "premium" at 600 cmp….is it not key at expiry ??


Hello sir,
If sir strike price(510) not hitted then also we can sell it before expirey.

Jagapathi Ganji says:

I was little confused with 112500-12500=100000 trader A will received but already trader A paid 12500 intially to B right why again deduction

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