Options Trading Strategies for Beginners and Dummies: Why You Should Never Buy Options

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Options Trading Strategies for Beginners and Dummies: Why You Should Never Buy Options

In this video, you’re going to learn about puts and calls in options trading with this options trading tutorial

Specifically, you’re going to learn why you should never buy options (unless it’s part of a vertical credit spread)

And why people, like Jason Brown from thebrownreport https://www.youtube.com/user/thebrownreportdotcom, who encourage his students to buy stock options is teaching a fraudulent and fake strategy.

Essentially, buying stock options means that you’re buying lottery tickets with a ~30% probability of profit.

So what these fake gurus do is they’ll have months where the stock market accommodates their trades.

They’ll buy call options in AMZN, FB, NFLX, etc. and the market will accommodate them and go up.

Then they’ll show these statements as proof that their strategy works.

The reality is… buying calls = buying lottery tickets

There is NO STRATEGY involved in buying calls.

It’s not a skill. Instead, it’s simple misattribution.

They’ll be success one month, and then attribute their success to skill, when, over the long run, this same strategy will leave you broke.

To make consistent money in the stock market, you need to be the casino, not the gambler.

Puts, calls, expiration dates, strike prices, credits, premium, rolling, debits, vertical credit spreads, etc.

All of this stuff can be super confusing!

To be a successful options trader, a beginner options trader and with a solid options trading strategy will need a solid foundation.

An options trader will need to know the basic strategy.

BestStockStrategy provides the absolute best way to be a profitable trader

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Rony John says:

So If I sold puts on stocks 3 weeks ago, I would've lost a lot more money than I would've if I got calls. How does someone recover after a correction.

Michael Petryni says:

Buying calls and puts on SPY is the exception.

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