Options Trading Strategies: Iron Condors, Straddles and Strangles CAUTION

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Options Trading Strategies: Iron Condors, Straddles and Strangles CAUTION

Options traders should be careful when trading iron condors, iron butterfly, straddles and strangles.

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I know that tastytrade and option alpha are encourage traders to sell iron condors, straddles & strangles with high implied volatility.

However, my experience is that traders should be very careful because THE CALLS GET TESTED FREQUENTLY.

Additionally, option alpha and tastytrade recommend selling straddles and strangles when implied volatility is high.

Which means that you’ll likely receive substantial premium for selling puts, yet there’s a high likelihood that you’re not selling calls at an optimal price to maximize profits.

Options trading requires discipline.

The stock market is not easy. Remember that some options strategies are better than others.

I recommend being opportunistic with your stock trading and investing.

For example, you can wait for a stock to fall, then sell a put.

Then, if that stock goes up in price, you can sell a call.

That way, you’re significantly reducing your risk from the call side and also maximizing your premium received.

It’s hard to implement this trading strategy with Robinhood options because you have to trade spreads with Robinhood

The iron condor is a decent strategy, but beware of the call side.

The iron butterfly is not a good strategy, yet these options strategies are recommended by option alpha.

When trading, remember to always react to the current stock market conditions. Selling calls when the market is falling is not an optimal options trading strategy.

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you really accidently spoken my mind about those fancy strategies , i dislike them but many make money by selling Weekly indexes opt.like the SPX. I've shared yours YT videos to TWTR and considering of testing your 1 week trial

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