Options Trading: This is how people go broke! So don’t do this! // Options trading tips & strategies

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Toogeekedshawty says:

Im learning soo much from you please keep up the good work

Mohit Sharma says:

You know the best thing about you is that you speak slowly and clearly. It makes it such a pleasant experience to learn from you.

Numericcash says:

hey, good evening David i was wondering if you can tell me what's the best site for me to start trading Penny Stocks. i'm new and kinda lost and your videos has helped me tremendous!

z1522 says:

I can't help but wonder how many/few? people actually avoid losing money over a year, using these sorts of strategies. Sure, one may sometimes make a big percentage, but then parsing smaller losses repeatedly puts you back even, or more likely a net loss. When you are playing the same game every other "day trader" plays, you're all just trying to outgamble the others, and the expression "rolling the dice" is very descriptive. The logic is removed from any context regarding actual valuation of companies, becoming a pseudo-mathematical tea leaf reading mindset focused on the belief that you are uniquely able to outguess thousands of others, who are all trying to do exactly the same thing, often using the same techniques. This is the Illusion of Control, the same way others buy lottery tickets based on birthdays. At least playing the horses depends on real horses. Don't forget, huge firms have computerized trading systems applying far more sophisticated formulas to the same sorts of fluctuations, and their trades affect your tidy calculations. Last, any gains get taxed as regular income, losing the huge benefit of long-term cap gains rates from boring but safer investing.

Jake Wakefield says:

I will teach you how to make $320-$450 per hour on Binary Option, Email me@ jake.wakefield100@gmail.com

Roland Parks says:

Good video..

Kym Hanley says:

Love this! My biggest flaw is waiting for more, then regretting it later by getting less profit or even going red, waiting for my options to come back to the price it was before, when I should've gotten out in the first place. Started setting profit targets again like one of your other videos recommended.

Also I like to keep watching to see how much money I missed, then beat myself up for that. Very destructive to my mindset, and makes me revenge trade the next time! Getting up an walking away can be the best thing to do. Great video, Thanks!!

Juan Portorreal says:

Very good tips and advice. Thanks

ScorpXM says:

I am happy with 50% always take of the table. Trade small and often!

Cal Red says:

Great advice, excellent example: bought some 225.5 calls at $.18 on DEC8th. Held them all the way to $.64 and then back down to .30 where I sold them thinking, oh whale money is money…. yeah it went back up, but I like calling my day early on Fridays.

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