Options Trading Weekly Watchlist | Stock Analysis | 18 January 2021

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During the Weekly Watchlist we review the best stocks for options trading. We go over key levels of support and resistance and create an actionable game plan for the week ahead.

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The SPY is breaking to the downside from a six day balance area. There are now two scenarios we should watch for. First is a look below and go. If we truly double the range to the downside we are looking for moves into 370 area of support and then the bottom end of the four week balance at 364.25. The second scenario is a look below and fail, in which case we are retargeting the top end of the six day balance at 381.50.

Keep in mind the short term traders are still in control, as noted by a very technical bounce from the 20 SMA on the daily time frame. Stronger sellers would have driven price right down through that area.

QQQ is slightly lower and still very much in a up trend. IWM is still on fire and the candle that printed on Friday is the most bullish of the bunch.

We also cover the following stock tickers in the quick fire round: PLTR, NIO, INTC, AMD, NNDM, BYND, ZM, V, PENN, GIK.

0:00 – Intro
00:45 – Broad Market
8:11 – Core Companies
19:37 – Bonus Companies

If you’re a day trader looking to make fast money online, you certainly need to keep these areas of support and resistance in mind, as well as any technical patterns, before the opening bell on Monday morning. Stock analysis like this will save you a ton of time.

Going into the day with a plan is important and will give your options trading the edge you need to be a successful retail day trader. This stock analysis gives you that edge.

Instead of looking at stock market news and googling ‘stocks to trade today’ or best options to buy today, every Monday morning, technical analysis makes my job a lot easier. A quick glance at the stock chart can tell me where to expect buying and selling battles.

SPY QQQ IWM AAPL NFLX TSLA BABA FB NVDA MSFT AMZN — These are the stocks that are always on our options trading weekly watchlist. Some people call them hot stock picks but we like to call them our ATM.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this video is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered financial or legal advice. I am not a Registered Investment Advisor. Buying and selling financial instruments is highly speculative and carries risk.


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Lemonade Shares says:

THE IWM bottomed on friday so go long with Feb 19 calls at the money

William Hart says:

Thanks for everything everyday! I love those TOS videos. They're very helpful and informative. I recommend them for anybody using TOS

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excellent analysis! Thank you

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excited for the week, amazing work like always. Thank you!

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Just want to say I am new to your channel and you do some amazing wor my friend thank you!

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Thank you so much again for great analysis. Appreciate you.
Hopefully one day when u have time give me some 1-1 course we will talk about it in discord or i dm u.

Eric Boyajian says:

Awesome dude. I was wondering if you were going to be doing a video on this!!

mda0214 says:

What you need a watch list for? If you can analyze correctly, you can make money off of any stock. There's always opportunities throughout the day.

Kyle Stearns says:

Always insightful, see ya tomorrow

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Bro spy is down

DeoXide says:

Thanks for the video bro, great analysis once again. Hoping for a solid week!

rg550ltd says:

Great analysis… thanks…glad you mentioned holding options through earnings…such a huge mistake that new traders make… chances of a profitable trade is not good on those…I learned the hard way..more than once.. LoL

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Any chance of getting some options plays?

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can you do an analysis on $MVIS?

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