Order Flow For A Failed Continuation Reversal During Oil Data – Price Ladder Trading | Axia Futures

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This price ladder trading stream with Richard replays and analyses how the WTI Oil futures market traded in response to oil inventory data. Given that the previous day’s API numbers came out bearish with a large build, when crude oil inventories came out larger than expected, the impact was muted due to the greater expected supply already being priced in.

Replaying the price ladder and analysing the price action of the order flow, we see WTI make a quick drop down but a continuous rejection of the .04 area. With multiple rejections, a reversal trade comes into the range of possibilities for how the market might trade. After a third failure to continue, any shorts should be psychologically weakened and questioning the strength of their short trades. Finally, a quick dip down to .96 is enough to string in any final shorts looking for the break, followed by a quick bid back up. This reveals exhaustion on the short-side and offers a perfectly timed entry for a reversal trade.

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Nice – should defo mention how meaningless and manipulated the oil figure is too though!!

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