Order Flow Strategy with Ninja Trader's Trade Detector

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Utliizing one of the most interesting indicators available, we explore an order flow strategy using Ninja Trader’s Order Flow Trade Detector.

The chart is of the ES on 10/18/2019 and is set to 2000 tick time frame.

The trade detector is set to Block, with a volume of 50 and a marker size of 75.

What do you think of this potential strategy?

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DouglasOnTrading says:

Hello Friends! Please don't foreget to like 👍 the video. I need your help to keep this channel growing and active!

Fabio Amorim says:

hi i'm from brazil. I really liked your video

J P says:

I thought it should be as easy as a large green bubble to buy and large red bubble to sell. Can we do this?

Eric Finkelstein says:

I like it. Any thought of using market depth with the trade detector?

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