Orderflows Indicator 3 Pack For NinjaTrader 8 Order Flow Analysis Futures Trading

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In this video I explain the new Orderflows 3 Pack which is a package of our 3 newest indicators:
Orderflows AV
Orderflows Market Flow Trader
Orderflows Tension

Each indicator reads a different aspect of order flow.

There were a few questions from traders that I thought others may have as well:

1. What software or data feed do I need to use it?

My software runs on NinjaTrader (it will work on the free version as well as the paid version) and requires a
realtime data feed. Either from a broker or from Kinetick or IQfeed, although if you have a trading account
you can get the data at a discount from the data feed provider. It just requires the normal data feed. Not level 2. 

2. I use Sierra Chart, can I use the indicators? 

As stated earlier, the indicators run on NinjaTrader. What some traders do is they get the free version of
NinjaTrader and run the indicators and just use that as a charting platform and enter their trades through
their broker supplied trading front end, whether it be SC, Jigsaw, Bookmap. You will need a real time data
feed for NinjaTrader.

3. Do the indicators repaint?

No they don’t once the bar is completed. When the current bar is being formed the indicator will paint, but
if the order flow changes as the bar is still forming the indicator may disappear. If the indicator paints
and conditions stay constant the indicator will not repaint. Once the bar is complete the indicator will not

4. What is the difference between any of these indicators and your other indicators, like Market Exhaustion?

Each indicator reads different aspects of order flow. The order flow provides a wealth of information for a
trader to make trading decisions based on. There is not one way to analyze order flow. Eskimos have like 300 
words for snow based on the many different types and conditions of snow. Order flow is similiar in the sense
that depending on market structure and the order flow that is coming in it means different things to a trader.

5. Do these indicators work in the Indian market?

I don’t trade the Indian markets. I only trade US and European futures markets. I do have users that trade
order flow in the Indian markets using principals I have taught them, so while I can’t definitively answer
this question yes or no, I do know order flow analysis is being successfully applied to the Indian markets
so order flow based indicators should work.

6. I trade Forex, can I use these indicators on the Forex markets?

Due to the lack of centralization in the data in the forex market (many different sources) what traders do
is use CME futures data to base their trading decisions on with order flow and execute in the forex market.
Although if you do that I suggest opening a Futures account and just trade Futures like the 6E (Eurocurrency).
But if you live in a country where it is difficult to open a Futures account, I highly suggest using the
data from the CME as your data source.

Check out the package here:

Remember, these indicators work on a volume footprint chart as well as a normal candlestick chart.


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Quetalhermano2 says:

This is a great video 🙂
Question, the software works only with the E-mini ??? or also works with Stocks ???
Thank you.

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What do you use for trade targets?

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