Oscar Carboni #ChartWhisperer Says Back Down For Another Nose Dive ES / NQ / Russ 01/14/2016 #1424

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Oscar Carboni says:

Now maybe you know nothing critics will shut the F up already!
The market went down just as #ChartWhisperer told you it would.

jrwestler says:

OMNI got caught again.

Michael Mulderry says:

+~44. To on this st 11144444s. Helllloooo. Seth. Where. For art thou u? Hope ur ok. I read something about u being a homeless person. Seems. Ironic. Given ur gifts.

Michael Mulderry says:

So can we enter a short on 1:44 ~ with. Trend. For a trade. With a 4. Tick stop perhaps? As this is 4:40 fro. Ur 10:04 st buy scalp

Moshe Dayan says:

What is the rational for 252 weekly bar chart? 252 trading days makes no sense since the chart is weekly.

Gerbeck S. says:

Don't fall in love with the upside ;-)

Michael Mulderry says:

Is this because its 1/14 seth

Sethdominus777 says:

VERY Good oscaRes 252 yes there are so many MA's that R relevant to differnet views of market and these MA s are ever changng it requirEs a thinking outside the box mentality…there are many combos the key is to find concurrent relevant MAs that aggree …how to choose the # is the riddle OScar has found one kudos
the name of the riddle echoEs Sethian times sigs

like here 6:22~ low 9:22 high = R 180~ st low pp on the 1 minute 6 ticks will tell
xyy/xyy = 180( what time frame? the eye must see)

all targets for markets are ZERO simply stated
in other words this scene will ply out in real world for most and on a Sethian count
can that u dream that up? i mean the series of 'right' ones and there are several datES
enjoy ur crash


Battshit Crazy says:

see, I think this thing is falling apart, usa economy is in gigantic bubble wanting to deflate, things will get worse until new qe, and that qe will be the last one

Nigaro Bastardchild says:

Very ugly like My face

ningpo69 says:

worst "green" omni day of the century !….smiles…thanks for the reminder, STOPS first !!…what a savior !@!

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