Oscar Carboni Offers Fatherly Trading Advice To S&P, Gold, Stock, ETF Traders 12/23/2016 #1558

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Michael Query says:

Merry Christmas Oscar!

qyray says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New year Oscar….thanks for your time and help.

Josh Brizzi says:

Don't believe anything you hear… you mean like the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas? Don't think Carr likes the town and his leadership has say now.

peaceonthis265 says:

Point taken. Peter Schiff is the captain on a sinking ship.

sutluc says:

Thanks Oscar, have a Merry Christmas!

Trader Simon says:

Seasons Best Wishes to Omin, Oscar & Team. Thx for all
your hard work and enthusiasm  have a great

Samuel Andrew says:

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Richard Bushy says:

I don't believe anything u say–and half of what I see on your charts,, haha,, just kidding, ,Merry Christmas..

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