Oscar Carboni Says OMNI Turns Red + Bear Flags Permeate the ES / NQ / Dow Charts 10/26/2016 #1536

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William Edmiston says:

Interesting stuff! Hey it's not prophecy and you are entertaining and appropriate disclaimers in place. I'm wrong a lot so it felt good having some company for a change eh? Although not a prophet you're a pretty good swami or would that be a swamoscar? Not a short term trader yet but I think your method has merit for longer term opportunists. Maybe when looking for an entry or exit point eh? Thanks and looking forward to the 2000ndth edition.

Frank M says:

Oscar's medium term projections help me out the most. I have a 401K, and I'm doing better than the stock market on the year. Thanks Oscar!!!

Alexander Bjerkvik says:

Gold is dancing around the the 200 DMA like a snake… bough some moderately OTM calls for late november. S&P500 is between a rock (50 DMA) and a hard place (100 DMA)… getting squeezed. A big selloff on SPX into the election would drastically improve Trumps chances of winning YUUGE!

enlightened says:

everything is always clear as a bell in hindsight

zaxus211 says:

may i quote you?
"look at the miserable failure"
you are doing a lot of name calling after making some loose calls.

motocyclin3 says:

Like your vids and they are educational.. thanks for helping me out on charts!!!

Nameless_Ghost says:

I see mixed technicals on gold. To me it looks like it's forming a small cup and handle inside of the bear flag. On the MACD and RSI, we're seeing bullish crossovers and renewed upside momentum. Interestingly, the gold market has been trading in tandem with, and leading, the broad markets all year. Overlay gold and S&P and it's clear as day. The market should soon fall with the same magnitude as gold, and I think that could be enough to propel gold out of its cup and handle pattern. Also, the doller may be ready to take a breather soon, adding to the upside potential of gold. However, I will admit that as of now, the path of least resistance for gold, is down.

Richard Bushy says:

With the futures down and apples earnings,, your charts look good. Thanks.

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