Oscar Carboni Shows How To Make Money Trading Downside + Targets ES & NQ Offered 12/20/2018 #1874

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Vadim VRONSKY says:

Oscar, Wish you and your family all the best this holiday season
and throughout the year, Merry Christmas!

George E says:

Trump needs to fire Powell.

Alex Ouzo says:

Stocks and crude futures going lower, gold just about to break strong resistance for the 1300 run

cooldog60 says:

I am falling in love with the down side.

BrainsB4Emotions says:

You are the REAL DEAL Oscar! Just two comments > 1. I believe it was Baron Rothschild who said "Buy late and sell early" in reference to missing your targets by just a few measly ticks. I call that a spot on good enough trading target call. You have nothing to apologize for in my opinion, it was good enough. Too bad you were too wound up about the S&P to notice the Nasdaq, hope you got out shortly thereafter. &

2. Head Fakeout Stop Hunts Runs are a tactic the pros employ to capture retail traders stops. I look for Stop Hunts by the pros to occur at pivot levels like support or resistance, so I always place my STOPS OUT IN THE BUSHES WELL ENOUGH AWAY FROM THE PIVOTS.
Allow atleast several dozen ticks to cushion most stop hunts. It doesn't guarantee that your stop won't get hit but it does save your bacon much more often than it costs you in lost trade profits & you still get the protection you need to have in case of a real costly wrong way trade.
So no tight stops for me thank you very much. I've learned my lesson years ago.

Tomas Janik says:

What is OMNI moving average?

S N says:

Hey! See you went quite in Bitcoin! I don't see this is the bottom. Maybe major support but I could see 1300-1200. Some are calling for 700. What's you thoughts? Better get your wallets ready won't last long if it gets down there

MegaHowtoMan says:

Bitcoin could run also.

Rob Jones says:

How can a person who lives in the UK do your Omi course. Las Vegas is not affordable for me at the moment

Lyle Lott says:

hodl live w/oscar

R K says:

great as always!

Frank M says:

Thanks for the videos. I moved my 401k into the money market fund back in October when earnings didn't do as well as previous quarters. Been watching you for over 5 years and I learned a lot.

g santana says:

Just remember,none of this downside has anything to do with Trump and anything he has done.This is all Obama’s fault.

Brian Belcastro says:

Thanks Oscar! Your insight is very valuable and helpful.

Alex Ouzo says:

My view on gold hasn't changed. 1260++ still on the cards for a run to 1300 now that the early 50s bids have been filled. Support band wide between mid 30s and early 40s. Buy the dips – that's all

Alex Ouzo says:

Market coming down on some hard support but with longer term volatility extreme, it has enough momentum to puncture through support. Sell the cat bounce rallies – that's all

hss5602 says:

damn, i was hoping you were going to include the next stop for oil in the new projections, you've had a little more lengthy discussions about gold, and markets and how things work, this situation with oil i think is not so common when they ramped up production expecting the iran sanctions then they basically didn't happen so now the glut, it drops like a rock. now what, i want to buy cheap but seems to simple that they just cut and things come back, so do you think it goes lower, will it stay down there for to long etc, what are your thoughts on oil?

iDIMi says:

According to the 2008 chart.. if S&P gets to 2400's should be a good area to get some calls.. for a epic bounce.. then rollover and die.

HoboTraderXAU says:

Thanks Oscar! Solid line strike through "Don't Fall in Love with the Downside" now? We crashing or is it too early to say? Can't believe this entire YEAR was a head and shoulders top pattern. Pretty nuts. I started to short sell in fall 2015 and looking back, it was puny. This thing is yyyuuugggeeeee, bigly.

james jones says:

what about Gold Oscar

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