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We have three things to talk about today .. 1) its our best that there will be atleast 1 days this week [More]
In this video, Ken Seehusen looks at oscillators in the market. How do they appear in a trending market? How should you [More]
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The market freakout of 2016 keeps getting scarier. Cheap oil and China remain the major culprits. The Dow dropped another 391 points [More]
Despite the global economy facing serious challenges, there is always a reason to step in and buy noted Bill Blain, Strategist for [More] AIR DATE: January 20, 2016 Courtesy: FOX Business Scott Shellady joins Varney & Co. to discuss the current market sell off.
Why is the stock market getting Killed so far in 2016? Must Watch!
China staunches the bloodletting in its stock markets by ditching its ‘circuit breaker’ mechanism and fixing the yuan higher for a change, [More]
What if you could have predicted this huge market sell off?. History shows that in January, the US Stock market was going [More] – Session de Trading sur Actions et DAX depuis Krechendo Trading Paris – 27/01/2016. Retrouvez nos émissions de trading en direct [More]
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Vídeo análisis semanal de Futuro MINI NASDAQ (NQ) 14-4-2014. Comentarios y consultas a
Vídeo análisis semanal del Futuro de Futuro MINI NASDAQ (NQ) 21-10-2013.
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N. Korea lights off an H bomb (?), China continues to implode despite government intervention, AAPL rots, live training tonight.
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Since the beginning of 2016, the US equity markets have been bearish and the correlations between S&P 500 (/ES), Nasdaq 100 (/NQ) [More]
2016 shaping up to be the big one, oil at 2004 lows, patriotic AAPL, light volume as triple digit “rally fades”.