Part 1: Why is the Cryptomarket Selling Off?

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A look at why the cryptomarket is selling off. We have many factors that are affecting the price of bitcoin and the cryptospace. In this video I talk about the history of bitcoin, how this will impact your investment and trading decisions. I evaluate the factors for a bear market and explain why bitcoin will sell-off. I cover timelines and reasons.


curiousgeorge555 says:

Your logic/analysis appears quite credible. Subbed. Thx.

Marc Shuter says:

Damn man. Fantastic video. Brutal. But fantastic.

heippa655 says:

Really good information and detailed videos. Could you do bigger analysis on the smaller coin&asset area? How affected they are in Btc movements in general?

bonesalive says:

A much-needed intelligent overview – much appreciated, thank you!

Brandon Kelly CryptoTrader says:

Awesome Content!! ??

devilevic says:

You're doing a great job CryptoBud! Keep up the good work!

Theodor Ghannam says:

Thanks for the input on the crypto-market always enjoy your feed-back and insight!

Ash Vecchio says:

Excellent! I hope you're banking posting on steem… We're in a downtrend have been so since June 11th… BTC is akin to the Down Jones.
I have FOGI.


mike s says:

You are a smart dude

Jenny Boone says:

,its inevitable that bitcoin will eventually go up.they panic whether bitcoin goes up AND when it goes down.i am a noob and people have said to buy when its high.why is that?

.i think people are really wasting a lot of time and money on altcoins.i plan on buying a few bitcolns and maybe etherium,and sit on em for 10-20 years. bitcoin will be the only coin to be accepted everywhere. why not buy when its down? thats what i am going to do

i do think any bitcoin atm machines will not have a list of 800 altcoins in stock.
why is bitcoin and companies like ethereum and bitcoin are two seperate animals,and POOF! They all are coming out at same time?

i think ethereum is sketchy,because the members of the bildaburg(?) group funded it
people need to think long term,and sit on bitcoins,and you'll be rich.

i am going to invest in startup companies related to blockchain.

sorry for my ignorance.i have never tried to invest in stocks or bitcoin before.
thanks in advance

Frank Velfield says:

Your videos are a beacon in the sea of uninformed crypto channels. It's obvious to all that listen that you have a trading background. Keep up the great work and research!

Ai Em says:

great video looking forward to part 2

Lee Reeves says:

Thank you for your GR8 overview of this market. At best its tough in a normal market, in a bear market it can be horrible if you
don't have a plan. I look forward to part 2.

josepirl says:


prazertv says:

CryptoBud, I'd like your take on Status Token and Wagerr Token. I haven't been able to find anything on either of them since they launched. I'd be curious to hear you take.

Fedoskin1988 says:

thanks for you work!

TheCirrusIce says:

It's all about the publicity. It might go to 10k next year and I wouldn't be surprised.

optician53 says:

Thanks Cryptobud … subscribed. I think, and hope the cryptos-sphere can adjust to whatever Bitcoin becomes. I do think it hinges on people understanding that it's probably not going to be the "buy a cup of coffee" coin. There lots of coins that are perfectly suited for that. I'm very high on Litecoin. It has seen much less volatility and is actually the only 30 day gainer between BTC, ETH, and LTC.

As far as the overall outlook for cryptos and prices, things are very different in the world now vs. any time since 2009 and the release of Bitcoin. By any logical account, the fiat money system is primed to fall apart. States, and countries on the edge of collapse, stocks and commodities markets totally manipulated using high speed trading, EU banks being sold for 1 Euro, housing, credit cards, debt, debt, and more debt, and all the while massive printing, or mouse clicking money into existence out of thin air.

And it's important to remember what big players want. Which is to run all the small investors out of town in a panic sell, then buy at deep discount. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's banking/ws protocol. But I guess until all the BTC stuff resolves, and the ICO madness which is sucking the value out of ETH, and the rest of the market, it's going to be scary ride.

Michael E. Campbell says:

CryptoBud. Without a doubt, your videos are the most well-informed, level-headed, comprehensive videos on the cyryptomarkets on YouTube today. You hit not only the technical considerations, but also the very important, but mostly ignored, emotional considerations that go into investing in this market. I am here to stay, and have learned much from the ups and downs in the penny stock and trading markets. But, this is the only market where I fully believe in the importance of the technology to disrupt the inefficiencies of our administrative and financial institutions.

Robert Tarter says:

Outstanding, part two please.

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