Penny Stock Basics: Introduction To Penny Stocks

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Sign up @ This course is your first step to successfully picking, trading, and profiting in the penny stock market. This lesson I cover what penny stocks are, the market (exchange) they trade on, penny stocks vs big board stocks, and why you should trade them instead of other markets. (pros and benefits). Take this entire course for FREE online @


TLamax says:

This is so interesting because others always say to stay away from penny OTC stocks. I say I'm all for it!

LadyLiberty says:

Hi, where can you open an account for $500? because some of the big brokers require $2,000 minimum before trading. You have any recommendations?

Gaytie says:

Hi, how is it that you say you can start with $500 but brokers like TD Ameritrade require $2,000 minimum? Thanks for the detailed video!


The site is now back up with course opening again soon. Sign up @

Neelam Chohan says:

I question the authenticity of this since the website link goes nowhere…..

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