Penny Stock Millionaire | Timothy Sykes Interview

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Full show notes: – – Penny stocks are a world of their own, and often refereed to as ‘the gutter of the stock market’. But as today’s guest discovered, this world can be an incredibly lucrative one. Timothy Sykes joins us here on the third episode of Chat With Traders to share his passion for playing penny stocks, and how traders can benefit from common scams and manipulation.

You might also find it entertaining to know that Tim has called out multiple celebrities about promoting sketchy penny stocks, so of course, I ask him about this too. Enjoy!

Lessons Learnt in this Interview:

– The key benefits of trading penny stocks, versus more valuable stocks.

– What actually defines a penny stock.

– How to identify a scam and the reasons why these move the price.

– Calling out celebrities who promote penny stocks, ranging from Shaquille O’neal to Justin Bieber.

– And much, much more…


Smart Schardt says:

smart people? give me a break, do some research, if this guy was making any money trading, why would he waste his time with these videos?

KiLLA CAiN (DEMG) says:

hey man with Tim just letting us all know.. i havent even gotten to trading stock stage yet,, but using the freedom to trade forex should get me started using similar principles and risk limits.. look these guys made it seem like you had to be well established to even buy shares muchness foreign currency pairs.. thanks to Tim he let people know anyone can do it!

Al Dinger says:

Tim helps those who need to learn stocks to be self-sufficient in the stock market. Are you self-sufficient?

Thomas Merlock says:

933 Smart people. ALOT OF INFORMATION IN ONLY 33 MINS. BeastMode

Broke Mike says:

i think Tim and his goons selling crappy trading products then actually trade these days

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