Penny Stock Patterns That Are Making Penny Stock Traders Like Timothy Sykes Rich!

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Close This video show penny stock patterns that are very profitable and are making penny stock traders like Timothy Sykes rich. When trading penny stocks there are penny stock patterns that consistently rake in profits for penny stock traders. Timothy Sykes shows you penny stock patterns and stock trading strategies he uses. These are penny stock trading strategies you will see Tim use over and over again in his videos. Every situation is a little different and that’s why it’s important to watch his videos so you can learn the suttle differences. Tim Sykes stresses looking back in history at stocks so you can learn how to take advantage of these profitable trading patterns. This is how successful penny stock traders are becoming the next penny stock millionaire in 2017.

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Ese Poyo says:

Hey tim sykes what platform do use?

TheBossGOD 1 says:

HOW ABOUT! how about you make those lessons free cause you say you want to help your subscribers learn, so make them free. unless your LYING, to us and only care about making money off of your subscribers? hmmmm…… oh ya that is exactly what your doing

answer me this…. if your so amazing at penny stocks, why do you have to SELL your lessons? aren't you rich in the penny stocks? sense you say your so good at it? 😐 to me you just seem like a really smart scam artist trying to make a quick buck off the ignorance of other people that just want shortcuts…. WOW I JUST SPOKE THE HARDCORE TRUTH TO ALL OF YOU! 🙂 now like this comment so other people aren't scammed by this guy.

TheBossGOD 1 says:

the reason i dislike your channel is because

1. you make your subscribers feel bad if they don't buy from your site lessons.
2. your %90 salesman with %10 actual information
3. you don't get to the main point in your videos, you ramble on about other things and your website…

Christopher Lewis says:

Mark $2k a day is GREAT wish I was making that!!!!!!

marin zver says:

Wil you ever come to slovenia?

Killerr Beemstarr says: costs too damn much

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