Penny Stocks: ADXS, CODX, SPCE, & Live Stock Sanners

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Hey Guys,
what you are a looking at are trade ideas scanners, I partnered with trade ideas because I really love there service and use there scanners every day for my trades! These are Penny Stock Scanners, Pre-Market Scanners, and harmonic patterns (HARMONIC PATTERNS ARE NOT FROM TRADE IDEAS) These are all tools to help you guys through out the day! Please understand that the scanners are delayed by a little bit, and to get the full real time alerts you will need to sign up with trade ideas here Please understand by you signing up and using this affiliate link you will help to keep this stream alive, and available to those traders whom cant afford to purchase trade ideas. Cheers trader!

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1. “Biggest Gainers” Simply follow to see what stocks have made the biggest moves on the day.

2. “Stocks Gapping Up” These are the stocks making moves to the upside pre market, these stock usually become the most popular traders on the day.

3. “Stocks Gapping Down” these are stocks making moves down pre market. These become popular traders in the day.

4. “5 minute & 1 Minute Reversal Scanner” These scanners search for over sold stocks, or over bought stocks that should be reversing direction on the day soon, you can look to long bottoms or short tops using this scanner.

5 “Parabolic Movers” This scanner finds stocks that are going nuts, either shooting up or slamming down hard, it tracks major volatility

6 “High of Day Momentum Scanner” This is by far the most popular scanner on the market as it finds penny stocks, and pretty much any stock hitting high of day. Use this scanner to find stocks making new highs and setting up in bull flags etc..

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