Penny Stocks Course Intro

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Shout out to everybody tuning in and chasing their dreams. I make these videos to help guide you on your path of making it!

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Keep grinding! We gotta make it!


Demetrius Walls says:

love the game you give us bro. Are you on Facebook?

Anna E says:

Thank you so much for all awesome video!!!
Do you have another email I can reach you? I try the one you put in here but didn't work. Thanks

Kenneth Bishop says:

A friend in Detroit told me about penny stocks and told me that I could check them out to see if they were something I wanted to trade. There was however so much material all over the place to study and no idea where to start. He had no idea either except that he knew someone that was making it big trading in penny stocks.

You brother have taught me so much in such a short time and made this feel very possible too. Thank you for giving back.

Thank you so much :-)

Rob Mondonedo says:

I dont know why your vids dont have allot more views. Anyway im very grateful I found this hidden gem. Really straight forward and easy to understand.

P.S. Would appreciate it if you can make a video setting up "sure Trader" as a newbie who just opens the software its very intimidating. Thanks man.

Jerry Williams says:

Great Brother!! Work for yourself…Stay on The Grind!!

Hoosier Bassin says:

this man right here is the definition to a serial entrepreneur. Love the motivation

Shandrika Smotherman says:

Thanks for your candid videos me and my husband are about to embark upon this adventure and he told me to watch your vids which were truly insightful.  Continued success to you.

‫الأفضل في التداول‬‎ says:

man U're the man for real bro… God bless u my bro.. Good luck man! I only wanted to know from u what's the best 3 profitable things …. 1. drop shipping ? 2. penny stock 3.real state? or affiliate programs ? so much knowledge about u man I dono how u learned all that but I can see that u're big time clever bro… God bless… wish if I could contact u somewhere about few inquiries..

John Cena says:

Your vids are great!! I'm only 16 and want to learn how to sell penny stocks. Your previous videos have introduced me, and helped me understand the basic. I'm looking forward to future vids man. Keep it up!

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